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this smart speaker with a screen drops its price


One of the most special Alexa speakers on the scene is down, but only for a limited time.

Only 39.99 euros: this smart speaker with a screen drops its price
The Echo Show 5 on a piece of furniture.

Amazon smart speakers are still discounted, you can enjoy Alexa in your home for less than you imagine. For example, you have the opportunity to take the EchoShow 5 for only €39.99. It is one of the most special and its price usually around 85 eurosIt’s a great opportunity.

alexa It opens up a whole world of possibilities before you, it is not only used to answer simple questions or inform you about the weather forecast. It will help you create a whole network of connected devices, your home will become the smartest. I assure you, for less than 40 euros the Echo Show is an exceptional purchase.

EchoShow 5 (2021)

All the intelligence that comes to your home

The Echo Show is not a normal speaker, it comes with a 5-inch screen and HD resolution to be even more useful. You will be able to know at a glance the information that interests you the most and control other devices with just a few touches on your panel. It will be the perfect control panel for your smart home.

Do not think that Amazon has neglected the hearing section, We are still talking about a speaker with surprising sound quality. It is small in size but its power is capable of flooding your entire home. Ask Alexa to play your favorite playlist and get the party started.

To get the most out of this speaker, you already know what to do: create a network with other smart devices that allows you to take control of your home using only your voice. If you don’t have other state-of-the-art devices compatible with Alexa, no problem. you will only have to buy a few smart plugs to give life to any appliance.

EchoShow 5 (2021)

If you want to build your smart home, Alexa is my recommendation. Not only is it a great virtual assistant, but its great compatibility will allow you to use it with a multitude of different devices. It is the easiest way and probably also the cheapest.. What more could you want?

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