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This Super Underrated Sci-Fi Movie Is Perfect For The Weekend On Netflix And HBO Max


At the time, the first installment was a cult work.

This Super Underrated Sci-Fi Movie Is Perfect For The Weekend On Netflix And HBO Max
This Sci-Fi Movie Is Much Better Than It Seems

Science fiction cinema has gone through better moments. To a large extent this is due to the Lack of creativity that has meant that most productions have the same characteristics and that very few leave the superhero circuit that, on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with it. However, there is a very interesting movie in the HBO Max Catalog and that also thickens the Netflix content which at the time offered a very good level. It is not the height of originality since it’s a sequelbut its photography, plot and direction show a solidity that gives it great seriousness. This is “Blade Runner 2049”, a film directed by Denis Villeneuve and which already presaged the level that this director was going to reach.

Blade Runner 2049

Thirty years after what happened in the first film, K, a blade runner played by Ryan Gosling, discovers a secret that may shed light on why he the city in which he lives is in the greatest chaos. This will lead him to look for another blade runner, Rick Deckard, the protagonist of the first installment who was played by Harrison Ford. The problem is that this detective lost track 30 years ago and no one knows where it can be found.

The movie was shot by Denis Villeneuve, a Canadian director who has given us a lot of joy over the years. blockbuster of Science fiction. Thus, he has filmed high-quality films such as “Dune” or “Arrival”. Before this type of production, he made some smaller ones but also with great quality, such as “Prisoners” or “Enemy”, films that honestly make you think and that already presaged that he was a director with a very interesting projection.

Although it is a sequel and has constant references to the original filmthe truth is that it works very well by itself. Something that is to be appreciated because it means that it is a quite intelligent second part, especially if we take into account the temporary separation that exists between the original and this one.

In short, it’s worth it because:

  • It is a science fiction film which works very well.
  • The performance of Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas is really good, they both work very well in the scenes in which they appear together and it is very enjoyable.
  • It has a really good photography and realization.
  • Its director once again shows that it is one of the hopes of the deepest and most interesting science fiction.
  • It is a truly worthy sequel to its predecessor and in some respects it reaches even get over it.
  • It is capable of functioning on its own.

Unfortunately, the movie he hit it in theaters. In accordance with BoxOfficeMojo the film managed to gross $267 million. It’s not a low figure, but when you consider that the film cost $155 million to produce, the profit was too low for an industry that is increasingly accustomed to reaching billions with its blockbusters.

Nowadays it can be seen through two streaming platforms, so we are in luck since the options are quite diverse. On the one hand we can see it on HBO Max and on the other on Netflix.

Watch “Blade Runner 2049” and HBO MaxWatch “Blade Runner 2049” and Netflix

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