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This toilet costs almost $12,000, but it has Alexa built in and its own LED light system


Kohler’s Numi 2.0 is the most modern toilet on the market, although it comes at a price that is not suitable for all budgets.

This toilet costs almost $12,000, but it has Alexa built in and its own LED light system
This WC is called Numi 2.0, it is from Kohler and it has the most advanced technologies you can imagine.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in all areas, also when it comes to toilets. The best example of this is the Numi 2.0, a WC more typical of the future which, after being presented at CES 2019, is now available for installation. Of course, its high price means that it will not reach all homes, only those who can afford it. pay almost 12,000 dollars (about 11,130 euros) for a toilet.

Kohler, the firm in charge of this innovative WC, has not left anything in the pipeline when it comes to manufacturing it. In addition to being very comfortable and having two water cisterns of different capacities, it has the built-in Alexa assistant Y own system of LED lights to create the most ideal environment. Its functions go further and it also has ultraviolet lights for cleaningautomatic deodorization and even an air dryer. Come on, everything we could expect from a smart toilet at such a price.

Numi 2.0, a WC with Alexa and LED lighting system

You only need to see an image of the Numi 2.0 to confirm that it is not a normal toilet and that innovation is also present in its design. I bet you an aesthetic based on straight lines which gives it a really elegant touch. Also, they attract a lot of attention. WC LED lights and speaker systemthat can be used to set the bathroom to suit the user.

It is also very striking that this toilet has Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant. Using voice, it can be activated to answer any question, for example, what will the weather be like tomorrow in the area. The intelligence of this device is such that it can be control via remote control loaded with features or even via the Kohler app for mobile.

The user can use the remote control to activate the different jets of water for cleaning that equips the WC, as well as to regulate the temperature and pressure of the water. Eye, the cup gets hot so you don’t get cold, in addition to incorporating a dryer in the back for, ahem, the butt. The intelligent functions are also present in the automatic operation of the chain, you do not need to press the button.

If you are one of those who gets annoyed when the lid is up, this Numi 2.0 is ideal for you, because automatically opens and closes the lid. It also integrates an automatic deodorization system to eliminate bad odors. If you don’t want to spend a lot of energy, you can activate power saving mode which is responsible for automatically adjusting details such as the heating of the cup.

This Numi 2.0 was presented at CES 2019, but they had to go through 4 years to reach the market and any user can buy it. It is currently for sale on the Kohler website for a price of $11,500that is to say, about 10,800 euros to change. Comfort, cleanliness, intelligence… This WC offers you the best on the market, but you can see that it is not suitable for all budgets.

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