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Threads Tips and Tricks to get the best out of it


We have seen how to sign up for and use the Threads app from Meta. Now in this post, we will share some useful tips and tricks that you apply while using Threads and get the best experience out of the app.

Threads Tips and Tricks to get the best out of it

What is the new Threads app?

Threads is a new microblogging application launched by Meta Platforms basically used for real-time communication and to let users start texting public conversations. It lets you post messages, opinions, and random thoughts in the form of threads. You can also attach images and videos to your threads, and it also lets you share the created threads directly on your Instagram stories or feed.

How do you use Instagram Threads?

The Threads app from Meta is currently available on iOS and Android only. You can download,  sign up for and use the Threads app on your phone after linking your existing Instagram account to it.

Threads Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to get the best out of the Threads app and enhance your overall experience:

  1. Set up a profile picture and change your bio and other details.
  2. Follow accounts directly from your feed.
  3. Mute, hide, block, or report unnecessary accounts.
  4. Choose who can you reply to your threads.
  5. Follow and invite friends from Instagram and WhatsApp.
  6. Customize notification settings.
  7. Configure your Threads’ privacy settings.
  8. Take a break when needed.
  9. Share a thread on your Instagram story or feed.
  10. Hide your Likes on Threads.

1] Set up a profile picture and change your bio and other details

To start with, you can set up a nice Threads profile. Although, during account setup, it imports your bio, links, and picture from your Instagram account. However, you can change these details and set up a completely new profile on Threads. Here’s how you can do that:

First, open the Threads app on your phone. And then, click on the Profile icon present at the bottom right corner of the app.

Now, click on the Edit profile button. You can now change your bio and add/edit links.

To change the profile picture, tap on the Profile picture icon. Next, choose whether you want to put up a new profile picture or import the existing profile picture from your Instagram profile.

If you choose the New profile picture option, you can select the desired picture from your gallery, crop the picture accordingly, and hit the right arrow button.

Furthermore, you can apply filters to your profile picture or edit it using Adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Vignette, Highlight, Shadow, and other features; These options are just like the ones you get during profile setup on Instagram.

Finally, tap on the right arrow button and the new profile picture will be set up on Threads.

In case you don’t want to keep a profile picture or remove the existing picture, click on the profile picture icon and choose the Remove current picture option.

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2] Follow accounts directly from your feed

Apart from following people using the search feature, you can directly follow accounts from your feed. As of now, Threads shows a mix of posts from the people you follow as well as other users that you don’t follow. So, if you liked posts from a certain account, you can start following it from your feed directly.

To do that, click on the plus icon present inside the profile picture of the account you want to follow from your feed. After that, press the Follow button and the account will be added to your Following list.

3] Mute, hide, block, or report unnecessary accounts

Since Threads shows posts even from accounts you are not following, you can mute, hide, block, or report an account that you find unnecessary or someone posting content you don’t like.

For muting, hiding, blocking, or reporting an account on Threads, select the three-dot menu button present next to a post from the account you didn’t like. After that, choose an appropriate option from Mute, Hide, Block, and Report. The account and the posts will disappear from your feed.

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4] Choose who can you reply to your threads

Threads also lets you configure who can reply to your posts or threads. While sending a message, you can select whether you want anyone to reply to your post or only let the people you follow send replies to your post. You can also choose to let the mentioned profiles reply to the thread.

You get the option to choose the ones who can reply to your post while composing the post. So, click on the draft icon and then type your message. After that, click on the Anyone can reply option and choose the desired option from Anyone, Profiles you follow, and Mentioned only options.

It also lets you configure reply settings once you have sent your message. For that, click the three-dot menu button on your post, select the Who can reply option, and choose who can reply to that post.

5] Follow and invite friends from Instagram and WhatsApp

The first time you sign up to Threads, you can import your following list from Instagram. However, if you skip this step, you can also follow and invite friends from Instagram later on. It also lets you invite friends by WhatsApp, SMS, email, and other mediums.

To do that, click on the profile icon present at the bottom right corner of your home screen.

Now, tap on the two horizontal line menu button present at the top right corner.

After that, click on the Follow and invite friends option.

Next, you can choose the Follow accounts from Instagram option.

On the next screen, click on the Follow button present next to the profiles you want to follow on Threads. If you want to follow all profiles that you follow on Instagram as well, press the Follow all button.

If you want to invite friends by WhatsApp or another medium, choose the respective option.

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6] Customize notification settings

You can also customize your notification settings on Threads. You can pause your notifications or customize notifications for threads, replies, following, and more. Here’s how you can do that:

First, press the profile icon from your home screen and then tap on the two horizontal line menu button from the top-right corner.

Now, click on the Notifications option.

In the Notifications section, you can disable/stop all your Threads’ notifications by disabling the toggle associated with the Pause all option.

Next, to customize notifications settings for threads and replies, tap on Threads and replies and set up notification preferences for likes, replies, mentions, reposts, quotes, and first threads.

After that, go back to the previous Notification settings and choose the Following and followers option.

Now, you can easily customize notifications for new followers, accepted follow requests, account suggestions, and pre-followed user joined threads.

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7] Configure your Threads’ privacy settings

Privacy settings are very important on any social media platform. You must be able to control what information about yourself you want to share with others and what not. Threads also provides you with privacy settings that you configure as you want. Here are the steps to set up your privacy settings on Threads:

Firstly, from your home screen, tap on your profile icon and then press the two-bar icon.

Now, choose the Privacy option. Next, you can make your profile private by enabling the Private profile toggle.

After that, you can also set up who can mention you (everyone, your following list, or no one).

Also, you can hide replies that contain offensive words, emojis, etc. You can also create a list of words and phrases that you don’t want to see. For that, click on the Hidden Words option and then choose the On option under Custom words and phrases.

Then, tap on the Manage custom words and phrases option and add the words you don’t want to see in your replies.

You can set up other privacy settings on your Instagram account.

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8] Take a break when needed

Social media detox is needed as such apps can be addictive and consuming at times. Thankfully, the Threads app offers a dedicated option that allows you to turn on a reminder once you exceed a particular time duration using the app. This feature is called Take a break. Let us see how to use this feature.

First, click on the profile icon and then the two-bar menu icon. After that, click on the Account option.

Now, click on the Take a break option.

Next, choose the time duration after which you will be sent a reminder to take a break if you continuously use the app for that particular time duration.

So, this way you can cut down your usage of Threads.

9] Share a thread on your Instagram story or feed

The Threads app also lets you share a post or thread directly on your Instagram story or feed. To do that, tap on the Share button under your thread and then choose to add it to your Instagram story or post the thread on your main feed.

You can also tweet the thread or share it via other apps installed on your phone.

10] Hide your likes on Threads

If you don’t want to show your like count, you can hide the number of likes on your thread. To do that, click on the three-dot menu button and then choose the Hide like count option. Now, no one will be able to see the number of likes on a particular post of yours.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you enrich your experience of using the Threads app.

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Threads Tips and Tricks to get the best out of it

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