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Top 5 Technology YouTube Channels


This time we review the best YouTube channels on technology, sit back and enjoy thousands of videos on this topic!

Top 5 Technology YouTube Channels
YouTube is one of the best platforms out there for finding tech-related channels.

Is it not enough for you with all the content that we show you daily here, or that you can access on other websites? Well, what better than opening the YouTube app from your mobile device to enjoy thousands of videos related to the world of technology in general.

Although it is more than simple find tech content on youtubeSince it is only necessary to use the search engine offered by the respective platform, it is not always possible to find a channel that offers quality content.

So you don’t waste your time searching on YouTube, Here we are going to show you 5 technology channels that you do have to subscribe to. It is worth mentioning that they upload content on a weekly basis, so you will always have videos to enjoy in your spare time.

5 YouTube channels on technology that you cannot miss

Before we go through the list of YouTube channels on technology that we recommend visitingIt is necessary to clarify that you will not need to be connected to the Internet to enjoy the content that is provided in said spaces. I mean, you can download youtube videos of those channels to view them on your phone or computer offline (you will avoid spending additional data).

Colin Furze

Colin Furze's YouTube channel

Colin Furze is passionate about creating tech gadgets.

Dedicated, interesting and above all things passionateThese are the three words that define Colin Furze, an inventor who uses engineering and plumbing to show how he brings the craziest inventions in the world to life. If you like everything that has to do with the implementation of technology in everyday things, you should give this exciting YouTube channel a try.

Visit Colin Furze’s channel


TED Ed Youtube Channel

TED-Ed videos do an incredible job when it comes to audiovisual content.

Education for all, this is how this interesting YouTube channel is presented. TED-Ed It will allow you to learn new things about technology and information about the world of learning in general. With more than 500 videos to his credit, TED-Ed is one of those YouTube channels that you can’t miss.

Visit the TED-Ed channel

royal engineering

Youtube channel Real Engineering

If you are looking for videos related to the world of Engineering in general, this is without a doubt the YouTube channel you should visit.

Are you one of those people who constantly wonder how things work? If your answer to this question has been “Yeah”you are more than obliged to visit this YouTube channel. Inside it you will find videos in documentary format with simple, short and very interesting explanations about the world of technology and engineering.

Visit the Real Engineering channel

Physics Minute

Physics Minute YouTube channel

Short videos for those people who do not have much free time.

Forget browsing Wikipedia to find answers to the questions you often ask yourself about physics, chemistry, engineering and technology. All the answers related to these topics, you can find them within this YouTube channel, It’s great for science lovers!

Visit the Physics Minute channel

marquis brownlee

Marques Brownlee YouTube Channel

Analysis, advice and guides, all this is what Marques Brownlee offers on his YouTube channel.

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave out Marques Brownlee’s YouTube channel. This Guy Discusses Mobile Devices, Virtual Reality Gadgets, and More in a way never seen before on YouTube. If you’re one to spend hours watching videos about the latest technology, you should give the content this guy uploads on his YouTube channel a try.

Visit the Brownlee Brands channel

Without further ado, if any of these YouTube channels has not aroused your interest, we advise you to use the search engine offered by the platform, it will allow you to access YouTube channels about Officemobile phones, video games and any other topic you need to be informed about.

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