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Traffic Racer Pro v2.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Speed ​​Multiplier) Download


Regarding endless racing games, Traffic Racer Pro marks a watershed moment. Make your way through the traffic on the highway. Changing and improving automobiles is possible. Spend some time competing in virtual races.

More than a million people have downloaded Traffic Racer Pro so far. Make an effort to compete with the fastest drivers. Quick, come and play! Put your speed to the test against actual human competitors. Drive according to your standards: Free-roaming with friends is a lot of fun. A new system for modifying automobiles has been developed. Modify the vehicle by swapping its wheels, tires, spoiler, and other exterior components. Put your stamp on your ride by personalizing it with vinyl, stickers, and even a new paint job. There are over 40 accurate vehicles, ranging from sports cars and classics to everyday sedans and muscle cars to mighty supercars and hypercars.

Work on your car’s engine, braking torque, and top speed to improve your performance in highway races. Putting nitro in your car will make it go much quicker. With over 50 tracks spread across four chapters, Career Mode is a true racing adventure. There are always exciting new tasks in Traffic Racer’s career mode. Are you sick and tired of racing games where you never win? You could have fun with Traffic Racer Pro: Extreme Car Driving and Racing. Now you can climb inside your vehicles and drive them in the real world, with countless obstacles and various environments. Play as fast as possible, overtake vehicles traveling in the opposite direction, collect coins, and upgrade your vehicle fleet. You’re bound to become the best player in the world at some point. While Traffic Racer Pro: Extreme Car Driving Tour focused on flashy visuals and high-octane racing on congested city streets, Highway Racing is the only game to combine realistic physics with these elements.

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