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Twitch is working on changes to ads on the platform | 4Gamers Thailand


Saturday, December 17, 2022 at 11:09:56 PM, Indochina time.

Twitch Looking for ways to transform ad delivery to provide a better experience for viewers? This is likely in response to the claim that their current usage is damaging streaming platforms. Latest decision from Twitch It appears to indicate a new focus on ads to encourage subscriptions. This is a prioritization that users are not happy with.

The past year has been a challenge for Twitch Whether it’s about popular and talented streamers moving. YouTube Or would it take too much time to deal with the phenomenon? “Hate attacks” or concerning the regulation of gambling on the platform, and even if Twitch Will have to ban gambling The policy change was greatly appreciated by both viewers and streamers alike. Most of the goodwill collected was thrown away within the next few days. After it was announced that the 70/30 premium revenue split would be removed, leaving all contracts offered 50/50 instead, eliminating the incentive for streamers or Content creators to gain fame on the platform and recently advertising incentive program Twitch There has been a lot of resistance from streamers who believe the program is forcing them to shut down their channels with too many ads.

Latest articles from Twitch has stated that “As of December 2022, we are experimenting with updates to display ad streams (SDA).” Today, viewers often have to sit through two commercials before they can watch the stream of their choice. which is now the latest viewer’s unwatching Twitch This is caused by too many ads. This can destroy any interest that the user previously had.

SDA It is intended to be a more convenient option. Because it still allows the audience “See and Hear Streamer” while live Now their current implementation slightly reduces the screen size of the stream to make room for the banner which is placed below on the desktop.

Twitch hopes to change the system so that there is no size disparity, but SDA There is a huge improvement compared to previous video ads. This basically pauses the stream for several minutes.

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