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Twitter confirms that the blocking of third-party clients is intentional


Third-party Twitter apps will continue to not work until they comply with the standards, according to the company.

Twitter confirms that the blocking of third-party clients is intentional
Elon Musk is making big changes at Twitter since he acquired the company

At the end of last week we had to report a bug in the Twitter APIwhich had blocked the operation of third party clients from the social network. Apps like Phoenix, Talon, Flamingo are Tweetbots they stopped working throughout the weekend, and today most of them continue without access to Twitter data, which greatly limits their functionality.

Now, almost a week after the first notices appeared about this problem, Twitter wanted to comment on it. And the truth is that the social network led by Elon Musk does not bring good news.

Twitter begins blocking third-party clients

Through a tweet on the official Twitter account, it has been confirmed that the social network is “enforcing its old API rules” which could “result in some apps not working”. However, it does not explain what those rules are, nor which of them are being violated by third-party Twitter apps to have been blocked.

The worst of all is that the creators of this type of applications They have not even had a response to their complaints from Twitter. It must be remembered that some of the developers behind this type of apps obtain a good part of their income from the paid subscriptions of the users of its apps, and a measure as restrictive as the one imposed now by Twitter could cut completely this way of financing.

Curiously, some third-party Twitter apps continue to work. This is the case of alternatives such as Harpy for Twitter, on Android or the social media management tool, hoot suite.

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