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Undecember v2.10.0300 APK (Latest) Download


The game will be a real experience for you when simulating a legendary setting when telling about Serpens – the 13th evil god who woke up from a long sleep through mysterious events that continuously took place in the region. Through that, you will have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the plot and exciting things here and, at the same time, immerse yourself in character to join the remaining 12 gods to fight against the evil that is rampant here. Time to free the land so that it can be as peaceful as it was at the beginning.


Built with a theme that mixes modern and mythical, it will certainly be very suitable for those who are passionate about this topic. The plot is about an ancient world where 12 gods represent good things, and together they built an empire of their own called Traum. Here the gods have established a magical land together and together create a cover to protect this world.

However, the series of peaceful days ended when the 13th god appeared from the dark, and everything seemed to have turned upside down. Besides, because this incident could not continue, the other 12 gods tried to work together and seal the power of this evil god. But things didn’t stop there; to win against the evil, they had to trade peace with their eternal sleep.


UNDECEMBER will provide you with diverse maps for you to observe when fighting in this land—starting in the game, you will be immersed in your character and fight like a real warrior with sharp and dangerous weapons. In addition, after thousands of years have passed, the remaining descendants of the Traum empire are now able to recover their strength and summon the 12 cursed gods back.

However, things will not go so smoothly; instead, when the good gods return, it is also the time to open a turbulent new era and pave the way for evil forces to dominate. Dramatic battles will take place from here, and there is no other way you will have to hit the road to start a new mission quickly. This is your time to show off your skills in stressful situations.


With attractive gameplay and using simple operations, you will not be able to take your eyes off this game once you have started fighting. The game will provide you with the necessary weapons and items for you to use and fight hard. Before the enemy begins to rise, you need to find ways to stop them and destroy them as quickly as possible if you don’t want them to invade your land.

It’s not easy to always find a way to deal with the enemy, so you also need to be on guard before constantly falling into a passive position. Challenging goals will always appear to challenge you, so don’t get discouraged and keep fighting. In addition to giving players a more transparent feel for the battles, the game has set up clear 3D graphics so you can observe things simply and perform attacks that make the enemy terrify.


The game will offer different levels with levels from easy to difficult, depending on the level of play of each person. If you want to unlock higher levels, you must first conquer the goals in front to unlock the next level. However, things will not be easy when the enemy is constantly being increased in strength and appearing in large numbers, making you overwhelmed and sometimes defeated before them. To be able to master every battle, you will have to take your weapon with you so as not to lose to any enemy. The game will give you a massive arsenal of weapons with damage for you to defeat them, plus the items you need will appear after each level, and you can use them to fight.


  • Immerse yourself in the mythical storyline, enter the world of the gods and learn about the mysteries happening in this land; it’s time for you to fight with your skills
  • Immerse yourself in character and start your own journey against evil; all bad things happen when the appearance of the 13th god turns everything upside down, so you quickly join in This battle to the death
  • 12 gods representing justice have fallen into an eternal slumber, so you are the last hope in the Traum empire. To be able to summon the gods, you will have to face dangerous challenges on the side. before
  • Each level of the game will bring you different challenges that force you to create innovative strategies to deal with enemies and be vigilant if you don’t want to be defeated.
  • Use the weapons the game provides at the beginning of the battle; besides, you are allowed to freely choose the right weapon for the character to conquer new goals

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