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VALORANT Battle Pass Episode 6 Act 1 Gun Skin 9 Lives makes cat slaves’ hearts shake.


Monday, January 9, 2023, 11:46:00 a.m. Indochina time

After Riot Games launched the Battle Pass rewards that will come in VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1, it made people who like cats their hearts quite a bit sensitive. There’s one skin set that looks like it was made just for cat lovers, and the new VALORANT skin set is the 9 Lives skin set.

Skin VALORANT 9 Lives, the origin of this name would probably pick up a catchy phrase for Thai people like “Nine Lives Cat” is a play on words typical of the fist camp. The 9 Lives skin is designed in a cute and cheerful theme with the addition of four female agents Reyna, Jett, Viper and Raze. The pattern on the gun body will be modified to the cat version with cat ears.

And even though the 9 Lives set of gun skins is a not-so-expensive Battle Pass skin, Riot Games has shown that they care about designing every gun skin. Because this skinset, in addition to using the cat’s body as the theme, the color is also chosen to complement it so well that it’s like the expensive guns that are on sale everywhere. As for the guns that will be in VALORANT 9 Lives Skins, there are a total of 4 guns: Phantom, Guardian, Ares and Classic.

Additionally, in the VALORANT Battle Pass Episode 6 Act 1, there are also two sets of gun skins that we can get as rewards: Gridcrash and Venturi sets. Cats already, so this season’s Battle Pass VALORANT will be a great value for you (Read more)

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