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VALORANT drama between ShahZam and Sentinels


Friday, January 13, 2023, 3:04 PM 36 PM, Indochina time.

Although the VALORANT VCT 2023 NA tournament has not yet opened. But the fierceness of each VALORANT team player in the NA zone has issues that we keep talking about, especially about the two eternal rival teams like Sentienls and G2 Esports, who even though they haven’t met in the game. This year, though, on social media channels like Twitter, they’ve been wearing gloves, as Dapr posted a picture of fxck Sentinels after joining G2 Esports last month.more details)

But it looks like the war between G2 Esports and the Sentinels isn’t over yet, as former Sentinels captain ShahZam, now with G2 Esports, has accused the Red Knights of bringing Shroud into the team. It’s purely a matter of marketing.

This VALORANT drama issue started with the Sentinels posting a funny content clip that had TenZ walk around and spin the wheel in a funny way to make fans smile. The clip itself was nothing short of dramatic until ShahZam responded on Twitter to the post saying that he had spun the wheel himself and it landed in the slot where write “Please play with Shroud.”

Plus, ShahZaM adds that the Sentinels don’t care if they win or not. They just make it look exciting and trending. They already have guaranteed access to the VALORANT American League franchise, the VCT 2023 Americas League, and it seems ShahZaM’s remarks have angered Sentinels CEO Rob Moore in response to the matter. He complained that ShahZaM continued to behave in a similarly inappropriate manner to the Sentinels last year.

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