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VALORANT G2 Esports brings in ex-Sentinels ShahZaM and dapr!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2022, 5:57:38 PM, Indochina time.

G2 Esports is under the name VALORANT, which used to be very popular in the early days of its launch game. But after a period of time, the name of the spinning team started to fade away. Because new teams are developing their skills to the point that G2 Esports has no place to stand in VALORANT NA zone and it has resulted in us not seeing them come to life at last year’s VCT 2022 Masters. Even one item..

And as the team’s bad performance mixed with their reputation began to fall, G2 Esports was not selected to enter the NA VALORANT League franchise for the VCT 2023 Americas League. 2023 North America Stage Challengers in order to win promotion to the franchise league in 2024.

Therefore, the G2 Esports team had to change in terms of all new players because if they used the same set, they would not go anywhere. Yesterday (Dec. 12), G2 Esports announced their lineup of VALORANT players for the VCT 2023 Americas Ascension. Two ex-VCT 2021 Masters Reykjavík champions Sentinels, ShahZaM and dapr, are also on the team.

ShahZaM and dapr were removed from the Sentinels team this year after the Red Knights wanted to create a new team that included a Super Star merge. Become with the rival team like G2 Esports.

The remaining members and coaches of G2 Esports are three former Version1 players and coaches, wippie, penny, and coach Immi, so there’s no need to worry about adapting to their new team. But what’s worth keeping an eye on is the name of OXY, a 17-year-old rising star that G2 Esports pulled from the Tier 2 team Dark Ratio.

Finally, we have to wait and see how well OXY will adapt and play in harmony with the seniors in the team. Because looking at the list, G2 Esports is another team that is strong enough to win the VCT 2023 Americas Ascension.

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