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VALORANT: Gekko Makes Its Grand Final at VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo


Thursday, March 2, 2023, 6:58:17 p.m. Indochina time

Riot Games is preparing to launch the first VALORANT character agent in 2023. The name of agent number 22, according to rumors that have leaked from many agencies, is pointing in the same direction as Gekko translated into language. Full Thai is a gecko.

Gekko will be the first VALORANT new character agent that will be introduced this year. After previously they confirmed to players that in 2023 they will introduce 3 new VALORANT character agents, 3 positions, as for Gekko’s position. 6th Initiator after Fade

As for the date when we get to see the appearance and abilities of Gekko, the new VALORANT character for the first time, let’s just say that it’s sooner than we thought, because Riot Games has given a spoiler that Gekko’s launch date is March 4th. It will be the same day as the VCT LOCK//IN Grand Final.

Gekko will make its debut in a Showmatch that will take place before the two finals in a shootout against the VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo champions, so this Shwomatch will likely see players or staff chosen by Riot Games. Pick up a Gekko on the field for an upcoming match. It’s another big reveal for the new Agent VALORANT Gekko, so don’t miss the VCT LOCK//IN Showmatch on March 4th.

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