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VALORANT Gets Drama After G2 Esports Player OXY Throws Ranked Games


Thursday, January 5, 2023, 5:16 PM 26 PM, Indochina time

The VALORANT VCT 2023 or the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 of the NA Zone has yet to start and there’s already some drama for us to talk about. Because pro players from Metro Esports team like tdawgg have come out to reveal that a player from VALORANT esports team G2 Esports has broken the rules in terms of smurfing.

The player charged in this case is Francis “OXY” Hoang, an up-and-coming G2 Esports player who was accused by tdawgg of accusing OXY of creating a secondary account under the name BTS V STAN. to bring smurfs and throw games in rank

In this event, tdawgg did not come out to accuse him of open mouth because he had recorded the clip and uploaded it on YouTube personally, along with the name of the clip clearly “G2 LFT OXY Throwing Games” or translated into Thai. Exactly is..”


When this happened to the ears of G2 Esports like Sergeant Sam ShahZaM, who is both the brother and cousin in the G2 Esports team, ShahZaM immediately came out to defend the new love like OXY by shoving back to tdawgg like “Even my junior ID is ranked higher than yours.”

On the side of the story, OXY also came out to respond in this regard as well. In which he came out in response to gingerly to tdawgg, saying “If I threw the game exactly as I was told, I’m probably not in Radiant VALORANT Rank 35.” But OXY turned around at the end, apologized and promised it would never happen again. As for the words and actions that have been done, it is only sarcastic with the people in the team.

I don’t know if Riot Games will punish OXY or not, because don’t forget that the fist camp and the VALORANT community are all campaigning to reduce smurf problems in this FPS game. the most Whether it’s coming out to update the blue gang management plan this year 2023 or coming out to upgrade the Smurf VALORANT protection system.

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