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VALORANT is hilarious when players from Sharper Esport show off their friends’ silly moments that bring laughter to their teammates.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 00:59:23 seconds, Indochina time

the player level pro player Will pick up various techniques and plans within the game to reveal to the public that it is rare to see Although there were times when some players would pick up their techniques to share. Or teach some ways to think, but things don’t happen often and if the release is mostly only seen in in-stream viewing.

One more thing that can’t be mentioned. probably a matter of voice communication which will be various discussions within the team during the match It is regarded as another matter that is extremely difficult to find. Although in the past, many agencies have started to bring such content to be published for fans to see. to watch the atmosphere and learn how to play but no one knows which agency will use this content and do not know voice communication How useful will it be? Therefore, give money to the contestants to teach various techniques or teach how to think within the game. It would be easy.

since voice communication That will be a discussion between teams. which tells the various strategies and how to play for the team As a result, the atmosphere in the game may be quite serious. But even that is not all. Because sometimes there are hilarious moments that happen, for example, where this event is presented by players from the agency. sharper sports at PinOcChiOs come out to be seen

The incident was speculated to have occurred in the rehearsal room during sharper sports and Esports reaction in round 6 of the game, which will be the rhythm that sharper sports There are only two players left in the team consisting of Chinese and Cho Chang Yok Krok (change) Which teammates have informed the news as usual but did not know with the numbness of change or something I don’t know causing him to turn to the other side instead, resulting in change He was shot in the back in a confused way until his teammates burst. It’s one of those silly moments, but it also creates a lot of fun for your teammates.

It is considered one of the hilarious events that are rarely seen very often. Especially the moment of the competition. We have to wait and see if there will be any funny events in the future to watch in the future. We have to wait and see.

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