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VALORANT: Kyedae is good at following fans, stepping up to Immortal rank !!


Wednesday, December 28, 2022, 3:22:20 PM Indochina time

It’s not wrong for Kyedae, the famous VALORANT female streamer, to be called cute. At present, she can successfully unlock the climb to the Immortal 1 rank of the game last night. After going through countless monsoons

Kyedae expressed her joy in reaching Immortal 1 and thanked everyone who has supported her over her jumping into VALORANT for over a period of time. 2 years

As for Kyedae’s Immortal rank, I can tell you that it’s not normal. Because from Kyedae’s 3 Ascendant green ranks, they show superior performance in taking on the role of a controller, with the agent she picks up to play most often is Omen, in the last 7 games that Kyedae has played, she won 5 MVPs. game with 246 bullets to kill enemies (average 35 per game)

Therefore, Kyedae’s Immmortal 1 rank, I can tell that it’s definitely not someone else carrying her to send up to this rank. Because as I said, even though she plays a VALORANT character agent in the position of Controller, she can show off that kind of sharp shooting skills. Until causing her to reach the Immortal 1 rank, which, without guessing, would know that her boyfriend’s sweetheart, TenZ, would be very proud of this girlfriend.

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