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VALORANT launches a new set of Araxys skins, a gun from outer space that comes with full features !!


Saturday, January 7, 2023, 4:49:13 a.m. Indochina time

Come by appointment without distortion After we have had the opportunity to present the information of Chapter 6 Act 1 including movies New and in the article we have the opportunity to present the leaked information of the new skin. which plans to enter the game soon which can read more details atthis article

Latest after releasing various information of the game value in Chapter 6 Act 1 way Twitter famous data miners Mike | Valorant Leaks & News Has come out to reveal a new set of skins that are preparing to enter the game which is named Arasis Within this new skin set will consist of the following guns.

  • Operator
  • bulldog
  • barbaric
  • shorty
  • close range

For the gun skins in the set Arasis There will be a level rarity. special which is equivalent to family guns Glitch Pop and Blast X Therefore, it is possible that the price of such skins will be about this price.

  • The Araxys gun skin will be at 2175 VP.
  • The Araxys knife skin will be at 4350 VP.
  • Buying a bundle of Araxys will cost you 8700 VP.


credit : Mike | Valorant Leaks & News

which if buy Arasis The whole set will also receive both Buddy Spray and player card Come to use a cool mold like no other, and above all, the gun, including the knife of Arasis is able to make adjustments to the color 4 color which consists of

  • Basic color (yellow black)
  • purple mix black
  • black mix red
  • white (gray) mixed with black

Of course, with a skin that plays as big as this. Therefore, the said skin will have an effect after killing an enemy. Including various shooting effects in full form, which friends can go to see the full details to be satisfied below

Finally, a new map will come with the game. VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 which will come approx. January 10, 2023 Have to wait and see what kind of interesting information will come out after this. have to wait and follow each other

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