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VALORANT raises the most advanced measures to deal with Smurf !!


Saturday, December 24, 2022 at 5:23:51 PM, Indochina time.

Although the VALORANT game has been open for about 2 and a half years. But nowadays, FPS games from Riot Games are still facing problems with the blue gang “Smurf” to create chaos for players every day. Even if the fist camp raises measures or develops the VALORANT Smurf Detect system, this system will still be unable to resist the power of the Smurf VALORANT ..

And recently, Riot Games has come out to show the power to VALORANT players again that they are not sitting still, letting the blue gang VALORANT Smurf break the hearts of Valorant teenagers until their hearts are broken because of employee Brian Chang. The position of Insights Manager, who takes the role of bringing in-depth statistics of the VALORANT game to analyze how to do it, the results will come out well and respond to the players and the game the most, has come out to update. Movement of VALORANT Systems Health Series

Brian Chang has provided an update saying that the VALORANT Smurf Detect system they’ve started with is working pretty well. Whether it’s open for players to press 5 with friends without a minimum rank limit or automatic detection of smurfs He has published statistics indicating that the number of Smurf players in the VALORANT game is considerably lower than the first. But he also added that the development of the Smurf VALORANT defense system is constantly being developed, asking players to stop worrying.

Brian Chang’s plan for VALORANT Smurf Detect was to develop a faster and better smurf detection system. And will try to detect the VALORANT ID that pumps the rank or trades and borrows friends to play better than ever. And allowing players of different skills to play together in VALORANT ranks in the most fun way possible.

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