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VALORANT Reveals Battle Pass Information for Episode 6 Act I, Comes with New Cinematic and Intense Story


Saturday, January 7, 2023, 2:33:16 a.m. Indochina time

Prepare to move into Chapter 6 official for the game frames per second famous as value After a few days before the team released. movies Let’s see each other. And most recently, the team has released movies New, which continues the story from the previous one. which can visit and read more details atthis article

but after release movies Immediately came out, these content creator came out to release the information of the new map along with taking a tour to see each other in full Which can access to view the full map details on the channel of red night below

Including major changes in the game value of the map separate which plans to return again in Chapter 6 To reach this and return this time, the map has been modified in both parts. Bomb A and Bomb B This should help the attacker’s play to be more or less easier than before.

There is also a lot of leaked information. Including a new set of gun skins from Battle Pass at 9 lives can change the color up to 4 The pattern and pattern of the gun also come with these. representative that came out so cute And the most collectible, consisting of

  • classic
  • Ares
  • protector
  • ghost

Another new set of gun skins from Battle Pass at Grid Unfortunately, the author does not have much knowledge of art. But if talking about the skin, it would look similar to the work. neon rider of puffin who made the gun skins for the game CS: go and thought that it would be a work of art in the same theme

  • ghost
  • sway
  • judge
  • bulldog

finish with skin Battle Pass Super simple that comes with a regular knife. Chapter 6 Act 1 under the name Venturi The only disappointment of this skin set would be the knife itself. Which is made out too simple, both in the shape of a simple knife And the animation in the grip is still nothing. make this knife another Battle Pass That’s extremely unfortunate.

Also inside Battle Pass of Chapter 6 Act 1 also comes with player card spray super spinning, including friend A lot of cute things that can be decorated with beautiful guns. and unique





credit : Mike | Valorant Leaks & News

Finally Chapter 6 Act 1 There are plans to enter the game. value about January 10, 2023 For those who want to collect various items as well as go out and explore new maps. may have to be patient But I guarantee that it’s definitely worth the waiting time.

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