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VALORANT when dapr made Sentinels fans furious after their debut act against G2 Esports.


Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 6:52:14 PM Indochina time

After former Sentinels VALORANT player dapr made a cool debut against G2 Esports’ red knights’ number one proposition, some fans were furious as to why dapr and ShahZaM got it. Choose to move with the enemy team like this?

There weren’t many reasons why he and ShahZaM decided to choose G2 Esports as their new home. As he and his former Sentinels captain were knocked out of the team for nothing, making way for four new players that the team brought in to welcome Sacy into next year’s VALORANT League franchise’s big game. , pANcada, dephh and zekken

Although dapr hasn’t responded to anything, his Twitter account is now making Sentinels fans furious. Because he took a picture of the G2 Esports flag that was made to parody the Sentinels in 2021 and posted it on Twitter.

“Fuxk Sentienels” 🤣

But no matter how intense the war between the Sentinels and G2 Esports will be, they won’t meet next year in VALORANT 2023 or VCT 2023, as the Sentinels have the right to participate in the VALORANT League franchise in the Americas, VCT 2023. Americas League: G2 Esports will have to compete in the NA VALORANT Challengers in order to win a promotion ticket to face the Sentinels again in 2024.

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