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Valve Launches Steam Replay For Players So they can see what games played the most this year.


Thursday, December 29, 2022, 7:58:43 a.m. Indochina time

steam has launched its own annual review page, Steam Replay so that gamers on PC Have a look at what they’ve played this year. This also includes how and when to play. steam It is the most popular platform in the gaming space. PC Since its launch in 2003

A popular feature for websites and online media services is the New Year’s Eve page that lets users reflect on what they used the most during the year. This is very popular with music streaming services. Spotify and launch Spotify wrap annually, a popular campaign on social media Every year, video game makers Nintendo and Sony have created their own version of this concept, for example Review of the year 2022 of the Nintendo Switch It allows players to see what game they were playing at launch. And what games do they play the most each month?

gamer PC can now have fun by launching Steam Replay of valve Simply put, this is the version of steam at the annual review This allows gamers to look back on which games they played. number of achievements received The percentage of total play time spent on each game, and much more. Steam Replay Comes with funny videos that are shared on the page. Twitter of valve which also encourages users to share their results online. #SteamReplay User can access Steam Replay through the featured page on the shop steam

valve also included launch steam deck this year in a clever way by letting owners see what games they’re playing on. steam deck What percentage of users steam can also be set Steam Replay can be viewed publicly or shared with friends on steam can too

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