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very soon it will be on Android and it is more important than you think


Thanks to the Iridium satellite network and the development of Qualcomm, your mobile will be able to send emergency messages from anywhere with or without coverage.

Qualcomm Satellite copies the iPhone: it will soon be on Android and it is more important than you think
Emergency SMS messages will come to Android thanks to Snapdragon Satellite technology.

Everybody wants to sign up satellite connection on smartphones and mobile devices, from Elon Musk and his Starlink even the operators themselves, although it seems that the first to arrive after Apple and the iPhone They will be all the Android mobiles that incorporate in their list the new flagship chipset the Qualcomm.

And it is that the house of San Diego has unveiled at CES 2023 in Las Vegas to which it will be the world’s first satellite solution capable of supporting two-way messaging through the Iridium network for high-performance smartphones.

This new service is called Snapdragon Satelliteis the owner of Qualcomm and promises to replicate, with better functionalities, the emergency messaging that Apple presented a few months ago together with Globalstarand that uses the satellites of the latter company in order to offer global coverage for sending emergency SMS messages even from the most inhospitable and uninhabited places on the planet.

Elon Musk and SpaceX want you to connect your mobile to their satellite network

Qualcomm’s option will use the systems Snapdragon 5G RF Modem along with the constellation Iridium to allow manufacturers and service providers to offer truly global coverageThrough the weatherproof L band, for your smartphones cut more premium.

important is that We are not talking about futures but about realitiesand is that this new option already debuts with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chipset that will mount the top-of-the-range smartphones of 2023 that we will get to know in these weeks, so It is possible in the middle of 2023 to start working Snapdragon Satellite via firmware updates.

Robust and reliable connectivity is at the heart of the most premium experiences. Snapdragon Satellite showcases our leadership in the development of global satellite communications, as well as our ability to bring superior innovations to mobile devices at commercial scales.

They were also seen from Iridium “Proud to be the satellite network chosen to support Snapdragon Satellite“, stating that its constellation of LEO satellites covers all parts of the world without exception so that our smartphones can send emergency messages without major problems from anywhere already well no coverage of the traditional mobile network.

It is also provided, in the road map from Qualcomm, which your Snapdragon Satellite service expands to other devicesincluding laptops, tablets, cars, wearableIoT devices and in general any other contraption that can connect and send emergency messages or of any other type, so Snapdragon Satellite ecosystem will grow with new implementations and services arriving in the future to support even non-terrestrial NTN 5G networks.

Has been garmina recognized manufacturer of solutions to quantify our activity in outdoor sports, the first who wanted to confirm that very soon their new devices will adopt Snapragon Satellitesince this type of messaging is key in their products:

Garmin welcomes the opportunity to expand our satellite emergency response services to millions of new users around the world, as Garmin Response already manages thousands of SOS incidents each year, possibly helping to save many lives in the process. We look forward to partnering with Qualcomm and Iridium to help people connect with emergency services wherever life and adventures take them.

Snapdragon Satellite

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen2 platform will debut emergency SMS messages via satellite on Android.

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