Home Tech What are focus modes and how to use them efficiently on iPhone

What are focus modes and how to use them efficiently on iPhone

What are focus modes and how to use them efficiently on iPhone


All the information you need to know to get the most out of concentration modes on your iPhone.

What are focus modes and how to use them efficiently on iPhone
All about modes of concentration

Apple introduced the modes of concentration two years ago as one of the star novelties of iOS 15. And he did not lack any reason because they are one of the best features that iOS has. The concentration modes come to be a do not disturb mode, but wildly, with the possibility of customize notifications, who can contact you, as well as the applications that are displayed on the screen.

After a long time, I have achieved create the perfect focus mode system for me. And it is what I am going to use as an example to explain how you can configure yours. Once you set it up, you’ll have a Different iPhone for every moment of the day with its apps, its notifications and even its own wallpapers if you wish.

What are the modes of concentration

Focus modes are a system with which you can create a iPhone for every moment of the day. Whether you want to work, study, play sports or watch a series, these modes will help you focus on a task by allowing you to set the nnotifications, applications or people who can contact you when that mode is active. As she was saying, it’s a do not disturb mode, super powered.

How to set a focus mode

The modes of concentration can be configured from Settings > Focus modes. Although some come by default, you can create your own for the moment you choose. Within each mode you can configure its name, its icon, the apps that can send you notifications, the people who can contact you, the lock and home screens or the Apple Watch sphere.

In addition, you can configure that they are activated automatically at a specific time, when arriving at a place or when opening a specific application. Finally, you can configure filters so that, depending on the mode, the apps act in one way or another. For example, that the mail shows you only the work inbox.

Concentration mode settings

Configuring a focus mode

Once you understand how, where and what you can configure in a concentration mode, let’s move on to action. The first thing you will have to do is create a default home screenthe one that will appear when you are not in any mode. Then, create the different screens for the other modes and hide them by long pressing and clicking on the dots at the bottom.

When you have the viewer of the different screens that you have configured, click on the different ticks and leave only the main screen marked. When you set the concentration modes, You will choose these screens within the configuration of each one of them.

My system of modes of concentration

I have a total of seven modes of concentration. I know. I know. They may seem like many, but they all have their reason for being. These are the following: Do Not Disturb, Wake Up, Fitness, Work, Personal, Sleep (activated by Apple Watch) and Weekend. They are all automated according to the time of day except the do not disturb mode and my default screen. I use it for those times when I really need to not get any notifications.

  1. wake up mode: my way of in the mornings. It is active from 6:30 to 7:45. Here I have the applications that I consult in the morning. News, social media, weather and health apps to see how I slept and how prepared I am for the day in terms of recovery rate.
  2. Physical aptitude: sport mode. It is activated when I arrive at the gym and is active until my working day at Andro4All begins. In this mode I have sports related apps and widgets.
  3. Work: the work mode. It is activated automatically from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I have apps related to my work, as well as news and a relaxing sounds app.
  4. Staff: a mode that I use as a way of relaxation at the end of the day. Here I have applications related to series, social networks, news and weather.
  5. Sleep: The sleep mode that activates when Apple Watch detects that you are in bed.
  6. Weekend: a concentration mode that is activated on Saturday at 9 in the morning. I have applications for social networks, news, weather, and series-related, which is when I have more time to watch them.
my ways

My modes of concentration

And then I have the default mode, which is where my favorite apps appear and that I use the most. Except in default mode, I’m pretty restrictive with notifications and I only allow those people I really need to skip. As for apps, I only allow those that are on the home screen of that concentration mode, the others do not.

Definitely, Focus modes have changed the way I use iPhone and they have allowed me to understand that I do not always have to have the same applications on the screen or allow all kinds of notifications while I work or play sports. The concentration modes are something very personal that must be meditated on and configured calmly so that they suit us as much as possible. But once that happens, you can’t live without them.


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