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What happened to the HTC One, one of the most beloved smartphones in history


The HTC smartphone was a before and after, a device that every lover of the Android world remembers.

What happened to the HTC One, one of the most beloved smartphones in history
The HTC One screen.

If I have to think of a mythical smartphone, an old Android device that I still remember, I have no doubts, It would only take a few moments for the HTC One to come to my mind. I think many of you will agree with me, the terminal of the Taiwanese firm is still very much alive in the memory of the community despite having seen the light 10 years ago.

In the following lines we will recall the main aspects of a much loved devicea smartphone that, one way or another, paved the way for everything that has come after. After all, taught us that smartphones could practically be pieces of jewelryit showed many of us a world beyond plastic.

A true legend of the Android world

The design of the HTC One was a before and after, many of us were in love. Aluminum was something new, striking, I remember being dazed looking at it when I found it in a shop window. In a market flooded by plastic, this htc it was a breath of fresh air. We even dream of the possibility of a renewal of the terminal in the middle of 20207 years after its release, which may help you understand how relevant it became.

HTC’s mobile screen reached 4.7 inches, with LCD technology and Full HD resolution. Today it would seem like a tiny smartphone, but it doesn’t hurt to remember that less than we thought seeing a 6-inch screen was practically impossible. Now the really difficult thing is to find one that falls below that number.

Our protagonist moved thanks to the snapdragon 600one of the processors manufactured by Qualcomm. It was shaped by 4 cores capable of moving at 1.9 GHz, also the Adreno 320 GPU. In the same way, it was accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. These “modest” numbers thrilled us with their performance a decade ago.

HTC One M8

The One M8 continued on the path, its design philosophy with us for years.

On the beautiful back of the Taiwanese smartphone (sorry but I can’t hide how much I still like it) lived a 4 megapixel camera. Screens have grown and mobile phones have been filled with cameras, but there was a time when everything was much simpler. I do not forget its front, in which a camera of 2 megapixels took care of the selfies.

The 2,300mAh of his battery would also surprise today, a figure with which any current smartphone would not be able to reach even at noon. Technological advances may not seem substantial from year to year, so looking back doesn’t hurt to realize how long we’ve come.

If there is a mobile that I would like to see revive at some point, it is this One M7, I have no doubts. Perhaps a special edition now that it is 10 years since its arrival on the market? If someone from HTC reads me, well why not give it a try?

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