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What is Car Launcher and how to use it

What is Car Launcher and how to use it


Changing music, detecting speed cameras or consulting Google Maps are just some of the possibilities that Car Launcher offers you.

What is Car Launcher and how to use it
Car Launcher is one of the best rated apps to use in the car

Driving carefully is important. For this you can use Car Launcher, an application from which you can check your mobile without being distracted. It is especially useful for drivers whose vehicle does not have a multimedia screen. If this is your case, or you are simply looking for a comfortable app to drive, we are going to explain what Car Launcher is and how to use it.

What is Car Launcher

Let’s start with the basics, what is Car Launcher? Its translated name is “car launcher”. In mobile jargon, a launcher is an application from which you can manage various applications. On the other hand, “car” makes it clear that it is used within it. In short, it is an application from which you can multitask without having to switch between apps. For example, it allows you to change the song, open a WhatsApp message or look at the map.

Some of the apps you can open in Car Launcher

Create your own list with the applications you want

If your vehicle has a screen, it may have Android Auto, from which you can manage practically the same apps than with Car Launcher. However, be old and have no screen. It is in these cases when this application becomes most useful, since does not work connecting to a screen.

How to use Car Launcher

It’s intuitive and compact, and at a glance it’s easy to see what each button is for. Below we will briefly explain how to use and customize it, but first you should know that There are 2 versions: one free and one paid. If you want, you can skip this part to go directly to how it works and then decide if it’s worth it for you. Although we confess beforehand that the free version is very complete. Of course, both are only available for Android devices.

Car Launcher has two versions: one paid and one free

There is a paid version and a free version.

the 2 versions

The version free It has all the options that we have told you about and many more.although obviously the payment is higher. In fact, it’s not that the free one is basic, it’s that the paid one stands out as one of the best on the market. This costs 6.99 euros in a single payment, so you will not have to renew any license. Sometimes you can find it cheaper thanks to the offers.

from here you can download each:

Download Car Launcher for FREE

Download Car Launcher Pro

How to use Car Launcher

The menu is very intuitive. Depending on whether we place it vertically or horizontally, the screen menus will appear in one area or another. Probably more comfortable horizontallysince the distribution of the gadgets is more spacious and clear.

When you open the app for the first time, it will be “empty”. You will only see the basic parts, such as the music bar, a microphone icon to activate the Google assistant, a clock and the typical top bar where it is indicated what day it is, the temperature it is or if Bluetooth is activated. However, we can later customize it.

it’s possible create a list of applications, to open the one we want with a simple touch. On the right side, if it is horizontal, you will see the Add button, from which you can include any app in said list. If you touch one of them, it will open instantly.

How to add screenshots to Car Launcher

Touch Add to add apps to Car Launcher

One of the best things about Car Launcher is its ability to customize. To modify it to your liking, you must press enter the settingssymbolized with a nut icon. From there it will not only be possible to change the theme, the default colors or the interface settings, but also activate the automation so that certain functions start quickly.

On the other hand, what is a car app without a map? It comes integrated with its own map, but you can always choose Google Maps. The original is called Yandex Maps, and right now it’s a beta. To switch to Maps, touch and hold the map until the option to toggle the map appears. It is also possible to vary between day or night lighting.

Changing map in Car Launcher

Toggle between Google Maps and Yandex Maps, the default map

As you can see, Car Launcher is a complete application that will make traveling easier for you. We cannot finish this little guide without commenting that It also has an anti-radar optionto connect to radar detectors that you have, although remember that you can also use Google Maps to notify you of radars. Likewise, the important thing is that you use it responsibly and putting all 5 senses on the road, never touch it if you are not stopped.

Finally, if you decide to use it, it is best to accept all the permissions it requests. When you install it, you will need to grant it various permissions to make it fully work.. In case you have forgotten to accept any, you can always go back to the mobile settings, select Car Launcher, from the application management, and choose which ones to add or remove.


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