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WhatsApp for Android is updated to include two useful features


WhatsApp continues to receive updates. On this occasion, the app has included two useful new features that are already available in its Android version.

WhatsApp for Android is updated to include two useful features

Earlier this week, we talked about the five news that had come to WhatsApp throughout the last days through the different updates that the company releases frequently. However, day after day the app continues to update to introduce more and more changes.

On this occasion, the beta version of whatsapp for android has been in charge of introducing two new features aimed at improving the experience when communicating. Both are available from today to all those people who are adhered to the WhatsApp testing program.

WhatsApp application icon on a dark green gray background.

The latest version of WhatsApp for Android introduces two useful new features.

Usernames now have more importance in groups

The first of the novelties comes to WhatsApp with version of WhatsApp Beta for Android. With this update, the messaging application introduces a new functionality within the groupsconsisting of highlight username of those participants who are not saved in our contact list, instead of their phone number.

Until now, WhatsApp showed the Telephone numbers on the messages of each user, something that did not help too much when it came to identifying the people who sent them. After this update, usernames will become more importantalthough their phone numbers will continue to appear right next to it.

Username in groups

WhatsApp will highlight usernames over their phone numbers in group chats.

WhatsApp encourages you to use disappearing messages to save space

A advantage associated with the disappearing messages function automatically after a while, is that storage space can be saved by reducing the number of files that the messaging app saves on the phone’s internal memory.

How to easily free up space on WhatsApp: don’t run out of memory!

For that reason, WhatsApp has added a shortcut in storage management menu of your application, where the user is encouraged to save space when using disappearing messages.

Save space on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will suggest turning on disappearing messages to save space.

The two new features are now available for WhatsApp beta users on Android. Little by little, they will be extended to the stable version of the messaging application, until they are available to everyone.

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