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WhatsApp raises one of the most absurd limits of group video calls


Now WhatsApp allows you to start a group call with up to 15 people, but the maximum number of participants is still 32.

WhatsApp raises one of the most absurd limits of group video calls
WhatsApp doubles the limit of initial participants of a video call

Video calls became fashionable during the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 due to the fact that they allowed us to be in contact with our family and friends without leaving home and one of the most used applications to make such calls was WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging client in the world.

For this reason, the messaging platform owned by Meta has not stopped enhance your video calls over the past year with new features such as Call Links, a feature that allows you to send video call links to your contacts so they can easily joinend-to-end encryption in video calls or the increase of the maximum limit of participants to 32 users.

Well, now WhatsApp has decided to increase one of the most absurd limits of its group video calls: the number of users that can initially join a video call.

WhatsApp increases the number of initial users of a video call to 15 people

Such as the guys from WABetaInfo have discovered in WhatsApp Beta version for Android is working on a new feature that doubles the number of users who can initially join a video call.

Until now, the maximum number of people that you could add when creating a video call was 7, but as you can see in the screenshot that we leave you under these lines, WhatsApp is doubling said limit to allow you add up to 15 participants to a video call at its start.

Video calls WhatsApp 15 people-main

WhatsApp allows you to create video calls with up to 15 participants

In this way, you will be able to start a video call with 15 users and, after it has started, you can continue adding participants up to the maximum limit of 32 people which is the one that is still valid.

This new limit of initial participants in a group video call is now available for some WhatsApp beta testers and it is expected that it will reach other users over the next few weeks.

Anyway, if you want enjoy this and other WhatsApp news before the rest we recommend that you sign up for the WhatsApp Beta program for Android sooner.

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