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Which are best Kissanime Alternatives to watch Anime Online

Which are best Kissanime Alternatives to watch Anime Online


Kissanime has been a blessing for Anime fans. It allows users to watch anime from its vast collection. However, the site has been behaving peculiarly at times and has been down for quite some time. That is why, we have listed some of its best alternative. In this post, we will see the best Kissanime Alternatives to watch Anime Online.

Which are best Kissanime Alternatives to watch Anime Online

Best Kissanime Alternatives to watch Anime Online

Following are the best Kissanime Alternatives to watch Anime Online.

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Anime-Planet
  3. RetroCrush
  4. AnimeDao
  5. Anime Land

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Crunchyroll

Let us first start with one of the most famous websites to watch Anime. Crunchyroll is one of the best alternatives to Kissanime, not just because of its vast library and excellent features. Crunchyroll has paid option where you can watch your content in HD, however, it has a free option as well which allows you to watch anime, just won’t be as sharp and will get a lot of advertisements. Everything is not perfect with Crunchyroll, one of the caveats with it is that the free version won’t allow you to watch the latest episode, you need to wait for it to get slightly old, and only you can watch it for free. If you want to enjoy the latest content, the moment it is released, go for the paid version instead. Go to crunchyroll.com to know more.

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2] Anime-Planet

Next up, we have Anime-Planet, another portal where you can watch the latest anime and some classics of the highest quality. On the homepage itself, you get titles of multiple anime. All you have to do is click on the option and straightaway you will be redirected to its page. Just click on the episode that you want to watch and enjoy. One of the things that goes against Anime-Planet is the fact that it has a lot of ads and pop-ups. If you can deal with it, navigate to anime-planet.com and watch something from its vast collection.

3] RetroCrush

RetroCrush, as the name suggests, is a platform to watch some classic anime shows. One of the best things about RetroCrush is that only its shows are retro, and its UI is as modern as it gets. Perfectly curated structure, designed and implemented logic makes the experience aesthetically pleasing.

It has an enormous library of shows and various other perks. One of the perks is that it is free. If you are not sure what to watch, there is a button called Random that picks a show from you. However, there are a few caveats here, one of them is pretty apparent, it doesn’t host a lot of new content, another thing that goes against this website is that it is not available in all countries. There are a few developing nations deprived of this luxury. You can connect to a VPN if you want, but the experience can be a little slow. With all of its shortcomings, it will still be one of the best Kissanime alternatives and you should visit www.retrocrush.tv at least to have a look at their UI.

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4] Anime Dao

Next up, we have AnimeDao.to. It is a clean and simple website that you can use to watch your favorite anime. Even though it is packed with some of the most popular anime shows, Anime Dao has been under the radar for quite some time. This is ironic as it does have some great shows and is free. Also, they didn’t skimp on the video quality.

5] Anime Land

Last and probably the least recommended is Anime Land. Yes, it has a large library of anime shows, but the ads and pop-ups make it difficult to use. Anime Land TV doesn’t have the best UI, it just looks like the site was made using HTML, JavaScript, and just a touch of CSS. A simple click on the website can redirect you to countless ads. Visit w5.animeland.tv to see what we are talking about.

These were some of the best Kissanime Alternatives in the market. You should also read, some of the best anime streaming websites.

What website is better than KissAnime?

There are a lot of websites better or on par with KissAnime, Crunchyroll probably is the most famous website and attracts a lot of traffic on the Internet. If you are saddened by the turmoil that the KissAnime website is experiencing, go through the list mentioned here and pick the one you think can quench your thirst for quality anime content.

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Where can I watch anime online for free?

There are multiple websites to watch anime online for free. Some of the most famous websites, do host free content. You just need to probe a little or check our list. We are pretty sure that you will stumble upon a nice website to watch anime without paying a penny.

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Which are best Kissanime Alternatives to watch Anime Online


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