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WHITE DAY 2: The flower that tells lies releases third trailer and story reveal and examples within the game to watch


Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 3:46:20 a.m. Indochina time

Officially released the new trailer. for Korean ghost games like WHITE DAY2: Lying Flowers sequel game WHITE DAY: School named Maze In the third example, high school is mentioned. Yondu It’s a location in the first game. There are also the revelations of various plot parts, other scenes at the school, many puzzles to uncover, and the truth of the past that is hidden.

By going back when March 14, 2022 will be the day that the team has released the second sample of WHITE DAY2: Lying Flowers come out to see each other which can be seen that in the aforementioned trailer, only the atmosphere of the game is revealed at a glance

For the first part of WHITE DAY: School named Maze will be about the main character Hee Min Lee found the diary of So-Young Han Accidentally and received news that So-Young Han plans to sneak into school in the middle of the night, causing Hee-Min Lee did.decided to go find to give gifts and return the diary But that was a mistake, because this decision made Hee Min Lee Must be involved in strange and spooky stories within the school. Until making it a bad memory that must be remembered, never forgotten

Finally, although the game WHITE DAY2: Lying Flowers There will be a plan for Steam, and the release date of the game has not yet been announced. Which must wait to follow each other But for anyone who has not had the opportunity to try playing such games and want to know the story of WHITE DAY: School named Maze can go to buy the game via steam During the sale, which the game should be around 100 over a baht only

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