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whoever masters AI will rule the world

whoever masters AI will rule the world


A new era of arms race: whoever masters AI will rule the world

According to experts, the use of AI in conflicts has opened up new horizons for the confrontation of powers.

Military forces around the world are in a covert race to develop artificial intelligence (AI) military weapons, new documentary reveals UNKNOWN: Killer Robots ”, ”, dedicated to the future of artificial intelligence in combat. The film will premiere on July 17 at Netflix.

“Who controls AI in the military sphere will have a huge technical advantage on the battlefield”notes directed by Jesse Sweet. But public awareness of this revolution lags behind developments.

The film says that the use of military robots and drones is no longer new. However, their strengthening and modernization with the help of AI is a completely new stage, leading to radical changes in military strategy.

However, the filmmakers have expressed concerns about the rapid robotization of the army. There are fears that we do not fully understand what we are creating, and machines may mistake civilians or allies for enemies.

In addition, there is a risk that our most powerful weapons could be turned against us, which is already causing tension within the military structures. There are concerns about AI cybersecurity and the potential for important elements of the military to be taken over by foreign governments or independent hackers.

Despite all the advances in AI in medical and pharmaceutical technologies to treat and prevent disease, scientists warn that something as simple as changing zero to one in a computer can create a chemical weapon by running thousands of simulations that end up producing a toxic compound.

Sian Ekins, CEO of Collaborations Pharmaceuticals, is concerned about the potential for AI to create chemical weapons and argues that the industry is not responding to the potential threat and is not paying enough attention to it. Ekins compares the current situation to the era of the atomic bomb, when scientists did not think about the consequences of their discoveries. “It will be very difficult to put this genie back into the lamp»concludes Ekins.

An unusual event took place at the recent UN AI Summit in Geneva: journalists interviewed nine robots with artificial intelligence . Robots assured that they do not want to replace people, but want to cooperate with them and solve global problems. However, not everyone was convinced of the sincerity of the robots. Some of them gave answers that might seem suspicious or even threatening.

Besides, OpenAI forms a new team to develop ways to manage and control “superintelligent” artificial intelligence systems. IN Open AI predict that AI with greater than human intelligence could emerge within a decade. And if it does ever appear, it will not necessarily be benevolent, so ways to control and limit such AI need to be explored.


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