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You are asked if iOS is better than Android and you say yes (or no)


It doesn’t seem like Bard uses his artificial intelligence much, as his preferences when asked are usually related to the first word mentioned.

Bard doesn't seem very smart: he is asked if iOS is better than Android and he says yes (or no)
Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT and surely also the seed of a future conversational search engine.

is the Google alternative to ChatGPTand therefore the best is always expected from Bard. In fact, it is that chatbot born in Mountain View does some things that the OpenAI option can’t doin addition to having crazy functions that are already testing the first users who are arriving at the Google service, filed ahead of time but growing and now available in many marketsamong others including Spain.

Be that as it may, it seems that for now Bard doesn’t use all of his cybernetic neuronsand it is that a viral news on social networks laughed that he chatbot Google prefers iOS to Android when you ask him, something that is true but not quiteAs you will see now, following the tests that the classmates have done android authority.

And yes, dear readers, Bard prefers iOS to Android but only when you ask him in that orderand in general is that the AI made by google don’t bother much to think about it because he always prefers the first thing you ask him when we ask you to choose between two things.

It’s not that Bard prefers iOS to Android, but rather that Google’s chatbot is just lazy and always chooses the first thing you say.

With these premises, it seems difficult that it is Bard who offers us an answer to such a hackneyed question, and it is that “Android vs. iOS” is that classic divergence for which we will never find an answeralmost like the endless battle of the tortilla, onion or no onion.

This test, then, has served to load ink and laugh a little at Google stating that Bard has sided with Apple and “already has a winner”although in reality, what it has shown is yet another deficiency of the chatbot Mountain Viewwhich wrongly takes into account the order of words in a question.

Bard doesn't seem very smart: he is asked if iOS is better than Android and he says yes (or no)

Bard’s preferences seem to be closely tied to what we tell him first.

As you will see in the screenshot above, Bard is almost the same as a Spanish politicianwell it is very able to defend one thing and the opposite just asking him backwards.

There is no clarification about why it behaves in this way he chatbot smart from Google, because it does it almost always and for any question. For example, if you ask about “DC or Marvel” says he prefers DC Comics, but if the question is the other way around, “Marvel or DC”change jacket quickly.

Google Bard does not like mathematical rules, and for him the order of the factors can alter the product.

There are cases that are clearer, exceptions to confirm the rule, well between “Windows and Mac” prefers the apple platform in any order, just like Android always prefers if we ask for “Symbian or Android”. In other cases the magic is broken, because when mentioning “Mac or Chrome OS” he answers that he can’t help us regardless of the order of the factors.

It is not something that is foreign to ChatGPT, since we have already seen that small changes to a message can return vastly different results and responsesalthough in the case of Bard there is something with the choices between two elements and the comparisons, which inclines him mostly to decide on the first of them.

We must recognize Google, at least, that has not predisposed its artificial intelligences to promote its products above no other.

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