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Your account has been locked Instagram


While trying to log in to Instagram, sometimes, you may see a message Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked. This is followed by an explanation as to why you have been locked out and that the action was taken as a security measure. It then asks you to verify your identity over the next few steps.

Your account has been locked Instagram

You will have to check your email for a 6-digit security code and enter this in the prompt to confirm your account. If you receive the email, your Instagram account is unlocked. However, in most cases, users do not receive the code and the account is still locked out.

Why my Instagram account has been locked?

Social media accounts getting locked are common, as is the case with Instagram, and the reasons are often standard. One of the main reasons why your account has been locked is if you violate one of their policies. So, if suspicious activity is detected that broke their guidelines, their automated system detects it and automatically locks the account.

As one of the best social media apps, Instagram has clear Community Guidelines for fair usage of the platform. Therefore, go over it again for a clear understanding since that’s what you agreed to when you created your account. We have listed some of the common reasons that may temporarily lock your Instagram account:

  1. If your activity resembles a bot, for example, activities at an unusually faster rate per hour and within a 24-hour window, Instagram will detect this as a security breach. This includes posting a comment too many times, leaving comments on too many accounts too fast, or liking or unliking pictures too quickly.
  2. Instagram prohibits using third-party apps on its platforms which is against its policies. These apps are known to automate activities to gain followers and are hence, banned. However, you can use some apps with the platform’s approval.
  3. In some cases, your account credentials are phished and someone used them to break into your account. It could be possible that you signed into a website that resembled Instagram. And, that’s how your account is hacked and gets temporarily locked.

Fortunately, we can help you unlock your Instagram account that has been temporarily locked due to suspicious activity.

Your account has been locked – Instagram

Before you proceed to unlock your Instagram account, make sure you double-check the spam folder of your email for the security code. Sometimes, Instagram emails may be detected as Spam, and you may miss it. Also, make sure you check your Instagram login activity via PC or Phone to rule out any suspicious activities.

If you do not find the security code in your email, do not fall for the trap of contacting any Instagram Account Recovery Services. The search will show a list of paid online services that are nothing but scams and of no help. Therefore, refrain from sharing your Instagram login credentials or credit card details on these sites.

Fill My Instagram account has been deactivated form

Your account has been locked

The only option to unlock your Instagram account is to fill out the My Instagram Account Was Deactivated form available under its Help section.

Fill in your details like Full name, Email address, Instagram Username, and Mobile number. Finally, mention that your account was blocked by mistake and that you have not violated any of their policies. Click on Send to submit the form.

Make sure you access the correct form based on the reason why your account was locked or deactivated. We have mentioned

Now, wait till you receive an email response from Instagram requesting you to send a photo of you holding a piece of paper with the code written on it. Make sure the paper is big enough, for example, close to a placard. Instagram may keep rejecting it until they decide it’s the right one. So, hold on to your patience, as it may take several attempts to get the right picture.

With this practice, Instagram wants you to prove your identity and that you are human and not a bot or a fraudster. The picture is then verified by real Instagram employees and not by their bot.

You should then wait for a few days/weeks till you receive a confirmation message that says “Your account has been restored“. If you are lucky, you may receive the confirmation within 24 hours and your account is unlocked. However, if the verification fails, Instagram does not send you any response.

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How long is Instagram temporarily locked?

Instagram may at times ban your account with a warning message, “Your account has been locked“, or “You’re temporarily blocked“. This is a temporary block and may last up to a few hours if the violation is on the lighter side, or max up to 24 to 48 hours. So, the block time may depend on how many times your account has been banned previously and the reasons behind them.

The more breaches you have under your name, the longer the ban time. Therefore, it’s advised to avoid bot-like behavior to avoid a ban on your account. Having said that, the ban duration of your Instagram account is usually indefinite. Unless you fill out the My Instagram Account Was Deactivated form.

Can I contact Instagram to unlock my account?

Yes, you can contact Instagram support through their Help Center page for different issues. For example, if you can’t log in to the Instagram app or account due to issues with your credentials or email. Also, you may be locked out if your account is hacked, or it has been locked. You may also visit the Help Center page if Instagram doesn’t let you post, or other issues related to your account for help.

How many reports will block the Instagram account?

You reported an account and now wondering how many reports will block the account. Then the answer is there is no fixed amount of complaints that can block an Instagram account. It can be indeed painful to see that the account you reported is still not blocked. However, the truth is Instagram does not block an account based on the number of reports. It may block/disable an account based on the number of times the user broke the Instagram rules. Also, what matters is the type of breach, so if an account is sharing sexual content or anything illegal, it could be disabled faster than in any other case.

Your account has been locked

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