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How to Set Up and Use Netflix Party: ”Virtually watch movies with friends and family”..,

To host a Netflix Party: Download the Netflix Party Chrome extension (yes, it is currently only available on Chrome). Open Netflix and play a video. The Netflix Party extension icon by your address bar will change…

How To Enable ‘Bedtime Reminder’ on YouTube

In case you need to watch a video, and you’re on the web, you’ll without a doubt be on YouTube. As of presently, YouTube is the foremost well known app to observe videos from a smartphone. The great thing is that YouTube is free, and everyone can transfer videos on the platform….

How To Start a Ransomware Protection on Windows 10

Not everyone would know, Windows Protector too incorporates a Ransomware protection highlight that protects your PC against different ransomware assaults. Be that as it may, the ‘Ransomware Protection’ feature is disabled by default in Windows 10. Since Ransomware assaults were on the rise, it is fundamental to empower this feature. Ransomware may be a sort of malware contamination that encrypts the information on…