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India’s Apple Online Store: 7 consumer benefits

India’s Apple Online Store: 7 consumer benefits

Did you know that Apple has had a presence for over 20 years in India? The firm is finally launching its online store in India on September 23 after all that time. However, via e-commerce websites, and registered resellers in brick and mortar stores, we have been buying Apple devices so far. So why does it matter Apple is going to have an official retail presence in the country soon? Ok, let ‘s take a look at the benefits offered in relation to an e-commerce platform or an offline reseller by an official Apple online store.

1. User Interface and Experience

If there’s any indication from Apple’s online store for the US, India’s online store will be offering a really nice interface and experience. You don’t have to look nearly as much for products as you would on, say, Amazon. Only go over to your product category and start configuring your system according to your needs. That sounds very amazing to me personally.

One of the main problems with shopping for Apple devices (or any other devices, actually) online, speaking of not having to check for goods, is the fact that there are just way too many listings from different vendors for the same item, many times at different prices. Moreover, some fake listings or knockoff items are listed almost always to make them look legitimate.

2. Configure Your Computer completely

This is really important to me and a lot of customers I think. While k has provided configuration options for years in the US and other countries where it has a retail presence, India has been left behind.

If you are buying a MacBook, or an iMac, this is a particularly big problem. In India, you can only purchase pre-configured versions of these units. Which means that even if Apple is likely to offer a configuration that is more appropriate for your needs, chances are you won’t find it in India.

But the company is also taking configuration options to India with the Apple online store. Thus you can customise it with your desired amount of RAM and storage the next time you buy a new Mac.

3. Customize with Engraving your device

Apple is now offering engraving in India, too. So, on your AirPods, iPad, or Apple Pencil, you’ll get text or emoji engravings. You will actually get English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu text engravings on AirPods.

4. Better value for trade

Trade-ins for qualifying items are also provided on the official Apple Shop. This isn’t necessarily anything new. As such, on Amazon and Flipkart, you can get exchange offerings. With Apple ‘s trade-in, however, you usually get a better deal if you exchange an Apple product for a new Apple product

I checked on the US Apple Store, for instance, what my MacBook Pro will get me for a new 13-inch MacBook Pro in trade-in. Result, $410. That is a tonne. I ‘m getting ₹16,000 for it in India, on Amazon. Now I know, the conversion makes a difference. After all, we can’t be sure what Apple’s trading on its Indian online store will offer, but chances are it’s going to be good. Or you will have more things to look at, at the very least. It is a win-win for us anyway.

Note: I’ll review this and update this article once the Apple Store launches in India.

5. Easily Get Student Discounts

As a student, purchasing an Apple computer entitles you to a student discount. In most cases, you can only make use of this in a physical retail store in India. With Apple’s online shop, however, you will be able to register for a student discount and get a discounted rate for your favourite Apple phones.

This refers to existing students , their parents, lecturers, and employees. So you’ll actually be able to get a good discount anyway

6. Extend AppleCare+ to your warranty

I’m sure you’re all aware about Apple Care. It’s the warranty that comes with your Apple device. However, it doesn’t cover things like accidental damage, and believe me, you will need it at some point in your device’s life. Fortunately, Apple provides Apple Care+ for an additional price which covers accidental damage and extends your warranty to three years (two years in India).

Up until now, you couldn’t get Apple Care+ in India. However, you can now directly buy Apple Care+ when you shop for your next Apple device from the official online store.

Obviously, it’s optional, but it’s commonly recommended that you have it so that you don’t end up spending too much money for an accidental crack on your phone or something like that.

7. More secure than Online Sellers

Remember how I pointed out that fake goods, and often fraudulent sellers, are sometimes listed on online websites? Heck, you’ve got to recall all those storeys of people purchasing iPhones or other gadgets and having soap bars and bricks in their packs, right?

You wouldn’t need to think about that with an official Apple shop. After all, you buy directly from the brand that makes the product, and selling the product to you no longer relies on third party resellers. That means you have more faith in shopping online, which is great.

Apple’s official online store would make it simpler and safer to purchase Apple products.

While Apple’s online store is not currently living in India, these are the advantages that Apple claims to be providing in the country itself, plus some of these opinions are focused on how the online store in the US operates. Obviously, I will take a good look at how it operates and all the choices it provides and update this article accordingly once the store officially launches on September 23, so make sure you check back for more information.

That said, it’s certain that shopping for Apple products in India would certainly be made easier by an official online store. As consumers, we’ll get more choices, more configuration options and, of course, even customization options, including options for gravure and gift wrapping.

So, are you excited about the official entry of Apple into Indian retail space? Contact us in the comments


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