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Intel Unveils Minimalist Style And New Redesigned Logo

Intel Unveils Minimalist Style And New Redesigned Logo

At the simulated launch case of its 11thgen core processors, Intel announced on Wednesday a new business logo. Not only does the new logo begin with a new font, but the ellipsis from which the Intel lettering is written for a smarter, more streamlined, post-modern style is drawn.

The new logo was inspired by Intel’s co-founder Robert Noyce ‘s quotation, according to Karen Walker, the company’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer. Go to do a magnificent thing. It represents the role of the organisation in developing “technology that transforms the environment,” she said.

Left: original 1968 logo; right: outgoing logo, introduced in 2006

While much of the logo has changed, Intel retains the five-note ‘bong’ of its video commercials. The musical tone signature of the organisation preserves the five classic tones, says Walker, but a new edition is to be published later this year.

Intel still retains blue as the brand ‘s basic colour, but, in addition to the iconic shade in the current logo, it adds new paint. The expanded colour palette would expand the logo’s breadth and update its visual identity, according to the brand.

All said and finished, Walker knows that a brand new colours, sounds and logo don’t all come to life. It must also be a unifying, action-built rally that is in line with the priorities of our organisation. We understand that we will develop and describe ourselves only over time and a continuing record of product success and execution for our clients. In the above episode, you can see Intel ‘s latest brand name.


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