Home Gaming Following PUBG Ban announced Indian Game ‘FAU-G’ Launching Soon

Following PUBG Ban announced Indian Game ‘FAU-G’ Launching Soon

Following PUBG Ban announced Indian Game ‘FAU-G’ Launching Soon

UPDATE 1: (05/09/2020 10:56 am) FAU-G will launch by October end, feature Galwan Valley mission

Another 118 Chinese smartphones, including PUBG Mobile, were blocked many days ago by the Indian government. It now appears like the PUBG clones are on their way to the Miramar hole in our lives. Actor Akshay Kumar went on Twitter today on post news on ‘FAU-G,’ a video.

In response to Prime Minister Modi ‘s demand for “AtmaNirbhar Software,” the game was developed by the Indian developer NCore games. But the plain fact is more likely that people want to play PUBG-like sports, and the PUBG ‘s compulsory leave of absence in the country would be capitalised by FAU-G.

The game also tends to be a platform for educational purposes, and will show players the sacrifices of Indian defence soldiers. In addition, the Bharat Ke Veer trust will earn 20 percent of the revenue generated from the game.

The game is not much understood to proceed, from now on. We saw just a poster about the next stop, and this very dumb name is “Fearless, United Guards.” Hopefully in the coming days we’ll hear more about the game. 

I would confess, though, whether or not the game would gain success on a market dominated by Fortnite and Call of Duty: smartphone is difficult to determine. Hopefully, the developers at nCore come up with something fun enough to play this game with a fair amount of people.

Update 1: (05/09/2020 10:56 am)

In an interview with Reuters, the director and founder of nCore Games Vishal Gondal revealed yesterday the Indian PUBG alternative ‘FAU-G.’

According to Gondal, FAU-G has been under development for several months and is to be published by the end of October. In addition, Gondal said the Galwan Valley is the first floor of the game.

As far as they did not know, Galwan was the location of fatal clashes between Indian and Chinese soldiers, which led to the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers.

for further details about FAU-G


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