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Top 5 Best Root Apps -Android

Top 5 Best Root Apps -Android


DiskDigger will retrieve missing photographs and pictures from your memory card or internal memory card and retrieve them. No rooting needed! * If you have unintentionally deleted a picture or even reformatted your memory card, the powerful data recovery features of DiskDigger will locate and restore your missing files.

You can directly upload or submit your recovered files to Google Drive , Dropbox, or via email. The software also helps you to save the files on your computer to a separate local folder.

If your computer is unrooted, by scanning your cache and thumbnails, the app can perform a “restricted” scan for your deleted images.


It supports rootless Android Oreo, using Andromeda! If you have a base, all except for Samsung should work out of the box!


Support for Theme Engine:

Stock Oreo (OMS): Compatible with rooted and unrooted devices, the Andromeda plugin is necessary for Substratum to operate correctly in the case of the latter

3.3C All-in-One Toolbox

In just one box, the Whole 3C range! *

* Except for 3C Responsive Backups and 3C Legacy Stats, which may not be included in this application.

With a sleek and easy-to-use gui, the 3C All-in-One Toolbox blends multiple features into one giant toolbox. Every tool you need for all your Android devices to track, manage and fine-tune.

The Play Store’s quickest and most welcoming service. Feel free to submit an application

  • Help and assistance from app settings that list your problems.
  • To activate the following functions, go pro or use in-app purchases
  • Hide any tabs or any item on the menu
  • Up to 4×6 grid Edit main screen buttons
  • Multi / auto-pick and sort applications
  • Auto backup and new notification for applications
  • Things and options for recording
  • Develop different schedules, watchers and profiles
  • Automatic markers for batteries and control of multiple batteries
  • Notification shortcut for accessing some status notification functionality
  • Multiple extra widgets

4.System app remover (root needed)

We not only provide device app remover, but also user app uninstaller, transfer app to sdcard, transfer app to tablet, scan / install / delete apk on sdcard.

[The system app]

Note: root permission is required to uninstall the device app, and we do not provide the root process.

Device apps Remover, as opposed to other related products:

[Shift to SDCard]

If root permission is granted, we can switch multi-apps with one click, and can switch almost all installed apps.

If you’re irritated by the advertisements, you can remove them from the settings with just one key.

5.Migrate – custom ROM migration tool [3.1.1 GPE] (Early Access)

The backup:

1. Both applications

2. All data on apps

3. Both permissions for applications

4. Messages from SMS

5. Logs of calls

6. Contacts Over

7. DPI screen

8. Choice Default Keyboard.

9. State of ADB

 10. Scale Font

11. 11. Installer for App

And restore it in a special way to your new ROM.

The first backup of all. Flash your new ROM then. Now (surprise) the backup zip file(s) is flickering! Yes, through TWRP recovery, a part of the restoration process takes place. Make sure that your new custom ROM is rooted by Magisk.

Boot up your new ROM until everything flashes. To begin the restoration process, you’ll get a notification. Grant root access and unwind until everything is restored.


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