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10 Great Games Like PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS

10 Great Games Like PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS

In July this year, the Indian Government blocked 59 Chinese applications citing Indian cyberspace ‘s supremacy and dignity. We also consequently proposed a series of Chinese applications for better protection. And today, PUBG Mobile, the famous royal fight and 117 additional Chinese applications, have blocked the Indian government. It was definitely a big shock because India was one of Tencent’s biggest markets. However, we have now come up with some alternate PUBGs, as the government has officially rejected the game. So let’s leap on without pause and discover the latest games on Android and iOS like PUBG Web.

Best Battle Royale Smartphone Games Like PUBG (updated September 2020)

We’ve carefully picked the top 10 games for both Android and iOS, including PUBG Mobile. We rated the list below based on survival gaming for which PUBG was so popular, and usability across a number of devices — from budget to high-level devices. To navigate easily, you can press the link below, and learn about PUBG Mobile-like apps.

  1. Call of Duty: Mobile
  2. Fortnite
  3. Garena Free Fire: 3volution
  4. Rules of Survival
  5. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival
  6. Creative Destruction
  7. Battlelands Royale
  8. ScarFall : The Royale Combat
  9. Knives Out
  10. Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds

Android and iOS mobile PUBG Alternatives

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Smartphone was released last year to give PUBG Smartphone a tough competition, both for Android and iOS. Now, easily and like PUBG Web, the game in India has acquired a strong community. It’s now the best time to check out this awesome royal game when PUBG’s are banned.

CoD: Mobile is a U.S.-based studio, Activision, but odds of the game getting censored are almost zero. The greatest thing about Call of Duty: smartphone is that it gives what you want to play PUBG. You have a 100 player royal game, a 5v5 death match, CoD Black Ops and much more.

In addition, you can constantly modify your appearance, weapons, unlock new characters, win prizes and much more. Best of all, the game is around 2 GB of data and fits very well on Android budgetary smartphones so that PUBG Tablet can be replaced in India. Simply put, call duty: the only PUBG option you can get on is phones.


  1. 100-player battle royale
  2. Features other multiplayer games too
  3. Compatible with both budget and high-tier devices
  4. Takes up 2GB of storage


  1. Community is relatively smaller than PUBG

2. Fortnite

For Amazing to enter the India market, with Fortnite being pushed out from the Apple App Store and with PUBG being banned in India. But one thing makes me second and that is its humbling file scale and performance specifications.

Fortnite has now been deleted from the Play Store, although you can sideload the game from your own website. You can instal Fortnite from our guide on Android without Play Store and the installation process is very smooth. To my key complaint, Fortnite needs about 8 GB of data, which is a major request for Android budgets, especially in India.

In addition, Fortnite requires an Android computer running Android 8 or higher, at least 4 GB RAM, GPU with a mid-to-high-level processor or more, and finally. In other words, when you have a Snapdragon 8-series processor with your Android computer, you are ready to go. In addition, some 6-series processors can perform Fortnite very well now. In addition.

When you switch to gaming, Fortnite is an alternative of PUBG Smartphone. It’s four different modes: the Imperial, the Innovative, and Save the World Battles with 100 players. Party Royal is like Cheer Park of PUBG, imaginative is the place to make your own island, and Save the Planet is a co-op tower defence game.

I ‘d say that Fortnite really is better than PUBG Mobile in terms of gameplay. And you can’t afford to lose the chance now that a new Fornite season has just begun.


  1. High-quality graphics
  2. 100-player battle royale
  3. Multiple gaming modes
  4. Gameplay is excellent


  1. Needs high storage
  2. Not compatible with all devices

3. Garena Free Fire: 3volution

Free Fire – Battlegrounds may be the game you want to play first, if you arenâ t comfortable diving into the high-capacity war yet. All the buttons are on the computer and navigable, but the most important thing for you is that 49 other users just need to live in 10 minutes in a browser before the finish. This is a short game to change anything you need before an extreme challenge.

The roots of the royal style of war are all the same. You are going to crash on a remote island and need to find all good weapons and drugs to remain in the safe place to win the battle.

You can also build 4-man teams, and speak to each other to plan a strategy with voice chat in the game. The graphics are flawless, so you don’t have to face a gaming lag.


  1. 49-player battle royale
  2. Loot and shoot
  3. Supports in-game voice chat
  4. Pretty good graphics


  1. Weapons are limited
  2. Anti-cheating system does not seem to work

4. Rules of Survival

You will note the rules of survival touch close to home if you have played the PUBG smartphone game and are familiar to this Royal Fight phenomena. In this game, you will fall on a large island of 8 x 8 km with 120 other players and must be the last person to come as the field will drive you to the middle.

This could be the most popular smartphone alternative to PUBG with over 100 million downloads and in the past few months I have enjoyed playing this game. Controls are quite basic and globally, due to three separate servers in Asia, America and Europe, the interface is very seamless.


  1. 120-player deathmatch
  2. Huge community
  3. Easy to play
  4. Has servers worldwide


  1. There are noticeable bugs

5. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless country: Battle for survival is yet another game like PUBG, where the mobile gaming community has earned great feedback. It is a theoretical PUBG option, the main focus of which is sustainability. The game has a survival mode where 121 players will compete, and the final player win the title.

His surroundings are Asian in nature and you will feel at home. A helicopter can be guided, crashing in different positions and facing disastrous battles to win the death match. And not only arms and ammunition, but sharp technical skills like PUBG are important in winning the round.

Here too, a danger zone follows, and the game must begin in the safe zone. And best of all, it’s compatible with a number of Android devices. In all, Hopeless Land is the appropriate replacement for PUBG Mobile on Android and iOS with more than 50 M instals on the App Store alone.


  1. 121-players battle royale
  2. Asian aesthetic environment
  3. Fly in helicopters
  4. Strategic game like PUBG


  1. Anti-cheating system does not seem to work

6. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction has been released on Mobile for smartphones as a popular survival game on the sandbox. You will play a death match with 100 players much like PUBG, the last of which wins the rioting battle. Not to mention, this game can be used for the personalization of your weapons, avatar, skins and in-game currency rewards.

And, like PUBG, in a squad or playing solo you should fight. The visuals are definitely not up-to – date, but Artistic Destruction is slowly improving and with PUBG out of course , new innovations are definitely being seen in the mobile version.

The game was selected on the Play Store as the Editor ‘s Choice and clocked in over 10 M downloads. In short, Creative Destruction is like PUBG and iOS a good offline game and you should try it!


  1. 100-player deathmatch
  2. Decent graphics
  3. Editor’s Choice on Play Store
  4. Endless customization


  1. Game development is slow

7. Battlelands Royale

As the name means, Battlelands Royale is a royal game like PUBG Smartphone and a nutshell. It’s not a blood soaked casual shooter, but it brings fun characters and a caricature game. But the main problem is: a 32 player fight with a royal match that doesn’t interrupt the bloodshed.

What I like about the Battlelands Royale is also that in lobbies, you don’t have to wait for a game to begin. Tap on the play button, go ahead and loot and fire to run. You ‘re in a parachute. The royal fight lasts just 3 to 5 minutes.

You can either play the game in solo or duo mode and conquer the arena anywhere. The map is also immense and you must play the game in order to learn about the different locations. Overall, Battlelands Royale is a fun-filled game like PUBG Web, which you can play easily.


  1. Fun and harmless battle royale
  2. Quick deathmatch
  3. Supports solo or duo mode
  4. Features detailed map


  1. Not for hardcore gamers

8. ScarFall : The Royale Combat

ScarFall: On this page, the Royale Fighting has a distinction. It is one of the few royal combat games that an Indian studio has made. In the latest AatmaNirbhar Bharat Technology Creativity Competition, initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “ScarFall has come to be one of the leading Indian-style apps in the gaming genre.”

So if you want to tell more about the Chinese war backed by royal games, ScarFall would be a good alternative. Moving to gameplaying, it has multiplayer gaming modes online and offline. You have to live in the diminishing safe zone and you have three chances of winning the game.

You can do this even if you choose to play solo or in squad 4v4 mode. ScarFall includes both third and first person shooter mode for your knowledge. Basically, ScarFall seems to be just as PUBG Gaming in terms of the theme and gameplay as it is now a quick choice of 1 M downloads in the Play Store.


  1. Graphics is pretty good
  2. Both offline and online multiplayer mode
  3. Supports FPS and TPS
  4. Growing community


  1. There are some bugs
  2. Takes time to connect to players

9. Knives Out

Another elegant and beautiful PUBG choice is Knives Out. It also added special sites, such as snow-capped mountains and rail tunnels on its carts to make all their fighting in royal games distinct from each other. Both the controls and actions are identical, so that the vengeance of the closing arena and the enemy are escaped free to do something (catch out for cheat).

It will be definitely the only thing that takes you above the other in the aesthetics of the title, as you can see in the screenshot above. It now has over 10 million downloads, but every day I will choose landscaped masks and sleek coats. However, this does not in any way compromise graphics or gameplay.


  1. Snow-capped gaming environment
  2. Excellent graphics
  3. Futuristic weapons
  4. Closing arena just like PUBG
  5. Easy to play


  1. Gyroscope issues
  2. Anti-cheating system needs improvement

10. Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds

Any fans of Minecraft at home? Ok, Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds might be the best place to take on royal battles in your smartphone. If you are real pixel fans retro graphics.

In a block area, where the block individual can fire with an AK, a Pixel Rifle, SMG and several-barrel guns to end death match, you must also be out of contact with opponents. You must be out of contact again.

This game is being created now, but here and there are certain bugs. I definitely did when I wanted to go in / out or shoot, but in the mad 3D block city all the others are smooth as sugar.

They have sought to improve the gameplay of the game by turning to auto-shooting to help you pick up opponents.


  1. Pixel-style retro visuals
  2. 3D Block-city
  3. Decent collection of weapons
  4. Auto-shoot mode


  1. Some minor glitches

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Better Games Like Handheld PUBG after prohibition

Therefore, these are the best games like PUBG Web, which is effective despite the ban. There are several strong royal games like PUBG, and one of the above mentioned alternatives should certainly be attempted. Over the years, many game developers have focused on the buzz around the royal war genre and now we have possible PUBG equivalents, if not stronger, which are equally good in gaming. So tell us what game title you tried and fancy most in the following section.


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