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10 new applications for Android that you should not ignore

10 new applications for Android that you should not ignore


Renew your Android with the best 10 free applications that have recently arrived on Google Play.

10 new applications for Android that you should not ignore
Apps on an Android smartphone

If you are one of those who usually browse the google play store searching new free apps for android all typesyou are in the right place because, one more week, we have selected for you the best new apps that have arrived at the store Google over the past few weeks.

Without further ado, we will introduce you 10 new apps on the Play Store that we think deserve a chance.

savetube downloader

The first application that we recommend that you try is SaveTube Downloader, a simple and free tool with which you will be able to download any video from Tik Tok, instagramYouTube and Twitter quickly and easily and without watermark.

To download a video with this app you just have to open the application from which you want to download it, touch the option Share in the selected clip, paste the URL you just copied into SaveTube Downloader and click the button get video.

Free Download SaveTube Downloader


If you too were stuck in the ’90s when it came to music, you’ll love 90FM.Live, a free online radio app that is specialized in dance music from that era.

In addition, 90FM.Live not only offers you a wide variety of 90s dance songs, but also includes other audiovisual content such as images and videos of live performances.

Free download 90FM.Live

Voice Recorder, Record Voice

If you are thinking of starting your own podcast or you simply want to make voice recordings like a professional, you have to try Voice Recorder, Record Voice, a free application that will allow you to record your audios in high quality and edit them in a really easy way and with hardly any effort.

At the audio editing level, with this application you will be able to reduce background noise, equalize sound levels and eliminate echoesamong many other options.

Free Download Voice Recorder, Record Voice

GenAi: generate AI images

GenAi is an AI-powered imaging application that will allow you to generate all kinds of images simply by writing the description of it in the text box that you will find inside the app and clicking on the button Trigger.

To achieve the best possible results, GenAi combines a number of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with the most advanced computer vision technology.

Free Download GenAi: Generate AI Images

Gold Proxy and Diamond Network

If you are looking for a free and easy to use VPN client for Android, you have to give Golden Proxy & Diamond net a try, a free VPN app with which you will be able to safely navigate the Internet and access restricted multimedia content in your country.

Golden Proxy always offers you a fast and stable connection and also uses advanced encryption technology to prevent hackers and malware from stealing your personal informationthus protecting your privacy on the Internet.

Free download Golden Proxy & Diamond net

maximum screen splitter

If you usually use the split view function a lot on your Android mobile, we recommend that you try Max Screen Splitter, a free application with which you will be able to create shortcuts to two apps in split viewin such a way that, with a simple touch, they will open to you the two apps you have selected on top of each other.

Free Download Max Screen Splitter

video downloader for threads

As its name indicates, Video Downloader for Threads is a free app with which you will be able to download any video shared through the new Instagram social network, Threads.

Using this application is really simple, since, once you open it, you enter the web version of Threads and you only have to login with your instagram account and play the video you want to download, since doing so will the app will take care of downloading it to your smartphone automatically.

Free Download Video Downloader for Threads

digital glove box

Digital Glove Box is a practical free tool that allows you to manage all the information related to your cars, including maintenance, workshop appointments and fuel costs.

In addition, if you share the vehicle information with your trusted workshop, they can take care of manage and seal the maintenance of your cars.

Free Download Digital Glove Box

StudyGPT: Personal Study AI

StudyGPT is a free application that gives you access to a set of tools based on GPT-3 and GPT-4 that are designed to enhance your study experience and make it more interactive and attractive.

StudyGPT allows you create chatbots from PDF files, text or web pages and maintain natural and intuitive conversations with the chatbots that you create to solve the doubts that arise.

Free Download StudyGPT: Personal Study AI

Repeat after me

And we end this list of new apps for Android with Repeat After Me, an application that helps you learn a language by repeating phrases in that language with the correct pronunciation.

Repeat after me supports a wide variety of languagesit is very easy to use and it is completely free, although you will have to put up with a few ads.

Download Repeat After Me for free


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