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100% autonomous police robots already patrol one of the largest airports in the world


Two units of these 1.7 meter patrol robots are already accompanying Singapore Police Force (SPF) officers at Changi Airport.

The future was this: 100% autonomous police robots are already patrolling one of the largest airports in the world
A Singapore Police Force (SPF) patrol robot accompanying officers at Changi Airport.

If artificial intelligence is here to stay, the truth is that also autonomous robots there he is conquer more and more tasks in our daily chores, from work to the most tedious tasks at home. Not in vain, it’s just that we have robots in practically all production plantsbut you don’t have to go that far because at home they have also inherited the daily cleaning, something already amply conqueredwhile the next step will be help the Police patrol the busiest places all over the planet.

This is how the Singapore Police Force (SFP) has released two units of its patrol robot, a 100% autonomous device that measures 1.7 metersmoves with four wheels, can interact thanks to a screen and will help them keep everything under control at one of the largest airports in the worldChangi Terminal 4.

they told us local media reporting the 5+ years of testing and small-scale deployments that the Singapore Police had previously carried out with these patrol robots to verify its feasibility.

Now, completed that testing phase, two units of this robotic monstrosity enter service able to enforce security cordons, warn people of dangers during an incident or record their surroundings thanks to several integrated cameras, among many other functions.

In fact, it is that the robot has cameras, sensors, speakers, a display panel, blinkers to mark its maneuvers and a siren, being able to accompany the officers as in the header photograph or patrolling 100% autonomously any assigned zone within the airport.

According to the SFP’s own statement, the robots can help them communicate in seconds with people and to keep Changi Airport Terminal 4 secure, where they have been operating since April serving as extra eyes on the terrain.

This is how the official statement from the Singapore Police Force reads:

The operation of patrol robots at Changi Airport Terminal 4 since April represents an important milestone in our exploration of robotics in Police. These patrol robots operate autonomously alongside our officers, providing extra eyes on the ground. The integration of robotics improves the operational efficiency and capabilities of our frontline officers, allowing them to be more effective in their tasks.

Don’t be fooled by their name, because during their development they were known as All Terrain Multipurpose Autonomous RobotKill 2.0 or 3.0 for friends, although they won’t actually kill anyone and nor do they have any way to actively stop to suspects.

Simply they will patrol with their extendable cameras of up to 2.3 meters as main weaponsrecording your environment in 360 degrees and thus giving officers extra surveillance capability in places where it is more difficult to maintain control, such as the airport itself, Marina Bay or the busiest places in the country.

They won’t be the only robots in Changibecause the airport, built on an artificial island, already operates garbage collection robots and janitorial tasksas well as autonomous equipment in charge of mowing the lawn to improve the efficiency of all its operations.

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