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11 best Notion tricks to get the most out of it

11 best Notion tricks to get the most out of it


Notion can be overwhelming, but with these 11 tricks you’ll walk out of here knowing the tricks you need to start streamlining and organizing your work.

11 best Notion tricks to get the most out of it
Notion offers a clean and uncluttered interface to make your work more efficient and streamlined.

Notion is not only the most powerful cross-platform notes and tasks managerbut also stands as one of the best free apps to manage personal projects. In this article we are going to explain how to get a good game out of it thanks to the best Notion tricksall explained in a simple way.

The best Notion tricks to get the best out of it

Use a default template

to use a preset template By Notion and suitable for any type of project or work, we just have to:

best notion tricks

Steps to add a page in Notion

  • Click on the left bar where it says add a page and a screen will open on the right with several options.
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Steps to add a template in Notion

  • In add new We will click on Templates and we will choose the appropriate one for our work: we have templates for tasks, projects, meetings, documents… Click on the one you want.
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Different types of templates in Notion

  • Then select get template.

What does a template look like in Notion?

We are going to choose a template to shell it out in more detail. For this, we select the template All-twoone of the most common. In this template, we are going to place the tasks that we have to do throughout a given day or days. It consists of three columns:

  • Not startedin which we will place the tasks yet to be carried out
  • In progresswhat we are doing at the moment.
  • Madethose that are already completed.
best notion tricks

Different task status columns in Notion

We can try other templates to see how they work and thus get the most out of them. There are templates even for organise a travel!

How to open a blank document to take notes

We continue with the first basic steps to get started in notion. One of the things that we are going to do the most is open a blank document to take notes. We can do this in the following way:

  • In Templates We select Docs in the Suggested section. Subsequently, Get templated.
best notion tricks

How to download a template in Notion

  • Now, simply, we have to give our document a title, place the labels (tags) that we want to later find it easily and add comments to it if desired.
best notion tricks

Example document in Notion

How to insert elements into a blank document

One of the most useful tricks When managing our documents in Notion: you can add text, pages, task list, bulleted list, images, videos… almost any element you can think of.

  • To do this, we just have to write / in the body of the text.
best notion tricks

Embed different elements in Notion

  • When we do, a new column will open with all the elements that we can add We just click on the one we want to add and that’s it.

How to make backup copies of your documents

best notion tricks

Duplicate document in Notion

Another very interesting trick is to duplicate your Notion documents, texts and notes to safeguard them from possible deletion. To do this, at the top of the text, click on the three-dot menu and click on Double.

How to easily edit any document

Any paragraph in a Notion document can be moved around. Even once the text has been written, we can insert any of the elements that you can invoke by writing ‘/’ between paragraphs. To move the paragraphs, we just have to place the mouse over them and drag them up or down by placing the mouse over the group of dots that appears next to them, as shown in the following image.

best notion tricks

Duplicate and move paragraphs in Notion

If, on the contrary, what you want to do is insert some element, click on the ‘+’ sign that appears below the dots.

How to put a colored background to the text

Putting background color to a text can be something very useful if you want to highlight a certain block, to mark task lists, etc. And it is also very easy to do.

best notion tricks

Put colored backgrounds to the texts in Notion

For add background color to text:

  • We select the text to which we want to put the background with the mouse.
  • A top bar will appear with different items. We have to select the ‘TO’.
  • Now a window will be displayed with multiple color optionsboth letter and background. Select the one you like best and you’re done.

How to save useful websites to consult them later

When we do a job it is normal to consult web pages to use them as sources. if you want to have them located and organizedthe best we can do is download the Notion Web Clipper plugin, which is compatible with most of the browsers we use on a daily basis. In this link it downloads and installs automatically.

Download Web Clipper on the Chrome Add-ons page

best notion tricks

Save referring websites in Notion

Then we recommend create a new template in the form of a table to which we will put a name that is easy to identify, such as ‘My reference pages’, ‘Important links’, ‘Websites to consult’, etc. Now, when we save a website by clicking on the plugin icon, we can choose to save it on the page that we have created for this purpose.

How to insert a map from Google Maps to organize your trip

To organize a trip in Notion it is essential that embed the map of the area you are going to visit. To do this, there is a very easy trick that we tell you below:

  • We open the desired map in Maps and we copy the link which is used to share it.
  • With that link, we go to a page in Notion and paste it. A new pop-up window will appear with three options, the one we are interested in is Create Embed.
best notion tricks

Embed a map from Google Maps in Notion

The map will appear embedded and we can move through it with the mouse, in addition to asking for routes through a direct access to Google Maps.

best notion tricks

Embedded map view in Notion

How to import documents from other applications

best notion tricks

Import documents into Notion

If we have created documents in Word, Google Docs, etc., and we want to import them into notionwe just have to do the following:

  • On a new page, click on the points menu at the top right and then ‘Import’.
best notion tricks

Supported apps for importing documents into Notion

  • A window will open with a multitude of options, and not just for Google Docs or Word: Trello, Evernote, Dropbox… We choose the one that corresponds and that’s it.

How to create a second workspace

best notion tricks

Create a second workspace in Notion

You may want to create multiple workspaces in Notion if, for example, you are a freelancer and have multiple clients. To do this, we just have to click on the name of our space in the upper left. Then, click on the three dots and, to finish, Join or create a workspace.


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