Home Tech 110 euros discount for this 2K Samsung monitor with USB-C and adjustable

110 euros discount for this 2K Samsung monitor with USB-C and adjustable

110 euros discount for this 2K Samsung monitor with USB-C and adjustable


It is one of the monitors with fewer frames on the market, being able to place several to create an ‘infinite’ screen.

110 euros discount for this 2K Samsung monitor with USB-C and adjustable
With this Samsung monitor you can work, play and navigate with spectacular image quality and fluidity.

Want renew your monitor to telework? Do you need higher resolution to edit content or images and videos? Well today I want to recommend this Samsung monitor with 2K resolution on sale. You can get the 24-inch Samsung SA600UCU for 319 209.99 euros on Amazonand by 229 euros on the official website. IS one of the biggest price drops for this model.

If you prefer a larger sizeLet’s say 32 inches, you have this same model for 333 euros on Amazon. Either of the two monitors will serve you for the tasks you want, from work with large documents, photo editing professional, amateur or amateur video retouching smooth navigation by Internet.

Samsung SA600UCU (24″)

Samsung SA600UCU (32″)

Buy a good 2K monitor for much less than you thought

Samsung SA600UCU monitor

The QHD resolution of this monitor will allow you to have more tasks open at the same time.

The panel that mounts this Samsung monitor is one IPS-typesimilar to what we see on their Crystal UHD televisions. This model has a QHD/2K resolutionwith up to 1.7 times more pixel density than Full HD. Its 24 inches are enough to work on many levelsalthough I personally would go for the 32-inch model.

The panel has some viewing angles up to 178 degreesboth vertically and horizontally. The screen is compatible with the content in HDR10 that significantly improves the contrast of colors and gives them greater life, reaching up to 1 billion colors.

One of the great advantages of this monitor is that you can adapt it to any task you do. Its base is capable of placing the monitor on horizontally and verticallyas well as regulate the height of the paw and its inclination. The base is only 2.5mm thickone of the thinnest in the current scene.

samsung monitors together

The bezels of this monitor are so thin that you can place several together to create an ‘infinite’ screen.

This monitor has several ports on its back, some of which are much more useful than you might think. Integra 3 USB 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, headphone port and a USB-C that will serve us for various purposes: you can use it to charge other devices with up to 65W of powerto connect the screen to a laptop or even to transfer files.

The panel has a brightness of about 300 nits typical and a refresh rate of up to 75 Hzto see all the content smoothly. His response time is only 5 msespecially useful if you use the gaming monitor. If you want to hang it on the wall you will need a support 75x75mm VESA compatible.

Samsung SA600UCU (24″)

Samsung SA600UCU (32″)

It is a monitor with very little energy consumption, only 0.3W at rest and 19W medium use. The weight of the monitor without a base is simply 2.9 kg and is only 4.1 cm thick. It is a monitor to mount a good screen equipment on your desk and put 3 of them together to create a huge screen and super panoramic for very little money.

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