Home Tech 112 Xiaomi smartphones 2018-2021 received stable MIUI 12.5 – updated list published

112 Xiaomi smartphones 2018-2021 received stable MIUI 12.5 – updated list published

112 Xiaomi smartphones 2018-2021 received stable MIUI 12.5 – updated list published


112 Xiaomi smartphones 2018-2021 received stable MIUI 12.5 - updated list published

Xiaomi will release MIUI 13 firmware already this month. Nevertheless, the company is actively sending stable MIUI 12.5 to current smartphones. In November, we created a separate material in which we collected all the company’s phones and the numbers of the latest software builds available for them.

A month later, we updated the table. Changes are highlighted in bold. For smartphones that are available in the international market, we decided not to list the Indian and Chinese versions of MIUI 12.5 if they received a global or European build. For the convenience of readers, the list is divided by year and ruler.

MIUI 12.5 is based on the operating system Android 10 and Android 11. In the future, there will be models with MIUI 12.5 on Android 12, but so far there are no such smartphones in the table. The latest version of the firmware optimizes the system and fixes minor malfunctions.

The global European Chinese Indian
2021 year
Xiaomi Mi 11 v12.5.9.0 RKBMIXM v12.5.7.0 RKNEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 11i v12.5.3.0 SKKMIXM v12.5.7.0 RKKEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro v12.5.20 RKACNXM
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra v12.5.7.0 RKAMIXM v12.5.10 RKAEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G v12.5.6.0 RKIMIXM v12.5.6.0 RKIEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 4G v12.5.6.0 RKQMIXM v12.5.5.0 RKQEUXM
Xiaomi 11T v12.5.8.0 RKWMIXM v12.5.6.0 RKWEUXM
Xiaomi 11T Pro v12.5.8.0 RKDMIXM v12.5.16.0 RKDEUXM
Xiaomi 11T Lite 5G NE v12.5.11.0 RKOMIXM v12.5.7.0 RKOEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 11X v12.5.5.0 RKHINXM
Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro v12.5.4.0 RKKINXM
Xiaomi Mi 10S v12.5.14.0 RGACNXM
Xiaomi Mi 10i v12.5.3.0 RJSINXM
Xiaomi Mi MIX FOLD v12.5.1.0 RJTCNXM
Xiaomi MIX 4 v12.5.12.0 RKMCNXM
Xiaomi CIVI v12.5.7.0 RKVCNXM
Redmi K40 v12.5.18.0 RKHCNXM
Redmi K40 Pro v12.5.8.0 RKKCNXM
Redmi K40 Pro+ v12.5.8.0 RKKCNXM
Redmi K40 Gaming v12.5.8.0 RKJCNXM
Redmi Note 11 v12.5.4.0 RGBCNXM
Redmi Note 11 4G v12.5.2.0 RKUCNXM
Redmi Note 11 Pro v12.5.8.0 RKTCNXM
Redmi Note 11 Pro+ v12.5.8.0 RKTCNXM
Redmi Note 10 v12.5.4.0 RKGMIXM v12.5.3.0 RKGEUXM
Redmi Note 10 Lite v12.5.3.0 RFNMIXM v12.5.4.0 RFNEUXM
Redmi Note 10 5G v12.5.1.0 RKSMIXM v12.5.1.0 RKSEUXM
Redmi Note 10T v12.5.1.0 RKSINXM
Redmi Note 10S v12.5.14.0 RKLMIXM v12.5.13.0 RKLEUXM
Redmi Note 10 Pro v12.5.8.0 RKFMIXM v12.5.6.0 RKFEUXM
Redmi Note 10 Pro Max v12.5.9.0 RKFINXM
Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G v12.5.15.0 RKPCNXM
Redmi Note 9T v12.5.6.0 RJEMIXM v12.5.6.0 RJEEUXM
Redmi Note 8 (2021) v12.5.8.0 RCUMIXM v12.5.5.0 RCUEUXM
Redmi 10 v12.5.8.0 RKUMIXM v12.5.9.0 RKUEUXM
LITTLE F3 v12.5.4.0 RKHMIXM v12.5.6.0 RKHEUXM
POCO F3 GT v12.5.5.0 RKJINXM
POCO X3 Pro v12.5.7.0 RJUMIXM v12.5.3.0 RJUEUXM
POCO X3 GT v12.5.7.0 RKPMIXM
POCO M4 Pro 5G v12.5.2.0 RGBMIXM
POCO M3 Pro 5G v12.5.1.0 RKSMIXM v12.5.1.0 RKSEUXM
2020 year
Xiaomi Mi 10 v12.5.2.0 RJBMIXM v12.5.5.0 RJBEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro v12.5.2.0 RJAMIXM v12.5.3.0 RJAEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra v12.5.8.0 RJJCNXM
Xiaomi Mi 10T v12.5.5.0 RJDMIXM v12.5.9.0 RJDEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro v12.5.5.0 RJDMIXM v12.5.9.0 RJDEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite v12.5.4.0 RJIMIXM v12.5.6.0 RJIEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth v12.5.7.0 RJVCNXM
Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite v12.5.3.0 RJSMIXM v12.5.7.0 RJSEUXM
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite v2.5.3.0 RFNMIXM v12.5.4.0 RFNEUXM
Redmi K30i 5G v12.5.6.0 RGICNXM
Redmi K30 Pro v12.5.7.0 RJKCNXM
Redmi K30 Pro Zoom v12.5.7.0 RJKCNXM
Redmi K30 Ultra v12.5.7.0 RJNCNXM
Redmi K30S v12.5.7.0 RJDCNXM
Redmi Note 9 v12.5.2.0 RJOMIXM v12.5.3.0 RJOEUXM
Redmi Note 9S v12.5.1.0 RJWMIXM v12.5.2.0 RJWEUXM
Redmi Note 9 Pro v12.5.2.0 RJZMIXM v12.5.4.0 RJZEUXM
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max v12.5.2.0 RJXINXM
Redmi Note 9 4G v12.5.4.0 RJQCNXM
Redmi Note 9 5G v12.5.8.0 RJECNXM
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G v12.5.6.0 RJSCNXM
Redmi 10X 4G v12.5.3.0 RJOCNXM
Redmi 10X 5G v12.5.7.0 RJHCNXM
Redmi 10X Pro 5G v12.5.6.0 RJLCNXM
Redmi 9 v12.5.3.0 RJCMIXM v12.5.3.0 RJCEUXM
Redmi 9T v12.5.3.0 RJQMIXM
Redmi 9A expected expected v12.5.1.0 QCDCNXM
Redmi 9 Prime v12.5.2.0 RJCINXM
Redmi 8A Dual v12.5.5.0 QCQINXM
POCO F2 Pro v12.5.5.0 RJKMIXM v12.5.4.0 RJKEUXM
POCO M3 expected v12.5.2.0 RJFEUXM
POCO M2 Pro v12.5.2.0 RJPINXM
POCO X3 NFC v12.5.4.0 RJGMIXM v12.5.3.0 RJGEUXM
2019 year
Xiaomi Mi 9 v12.5.1.0 RFAMIXM v12.5.1.0 RFAEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro v12.5.3.0 RFXCNXM
Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer v12.5.3.0 RFXCNXM
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro v12.5.2.0 RFKMIXM v12.5.1.0 RFKEUXM
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE v12.5.1.0 QFBMIXM v12.5.1.0 RFBMIXM
Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite v12.5.2.0 RFCMIXM expected
Xiaomi CC9e v12.5.5.0 QFMCNXM
Xiaomi CC9 v12.5.5.0 RFCCNXM
Xiaomi CC9 Meitu v12.5.5.0 RFECNXM
Xiaomi CC9 Pro v12.5.7.0 RFDCNXM
Xiaomi CC9 Premium v12.5.7.0 RFDCNXM
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 v12.5.5.0 RFDMIXM v12.5.4.0 RFDEUXM
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro v12.5.5.0 RFDMIXM v12.5.4.0 RFDEUXM
Redmi K30 4G
Redmi K30 5G v12.5.6.0 RGICNXM
Redmi K20 v12.5.2.0 RFJCNXM
Redmi K20 Pro v12.5.6.0 RFKCNXM
Redmi Note 8 v12.5.4.0 RCOCNXM
Redmi Note 8 Pro v12.5.5.0 RGGMIXM v12.5.4.0 RGGEUXM
Redmi Note 7 v12.5.1.0 QFGMIXM v12.5.1.0 QFGEUXM
Redmi Note 7S v12.5.1.0 QFGINXM
Redmi Note 7 Pro v12.5.4.0 QFHCNXM v12.5.1.0 QFHINCM
Redmi 8 v12.5.3.0 QCNMIXM v12.5.2.0 QCNEUXM
Redmi 8A v12.5.2.0 QCPMIXM v12.5.3.0 QCPEUXM
Redmi 7 expected expected v12.5.3.0 QFLCNXM
Redmi 7A expected v12.5.3.0 QCMEUXM
2018 year
Xiaomi Mi 8 expected expected v12.5.2.0 QEACNXM
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro expected expected v12.5.2.0 QECCNXM
Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer v12.5.3.0 QEHCNXM
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE v12.5.1.0 QEBCNXM
Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth v12.5.1.0 QDTCNXM
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s expected expected v12.5.1.0 RFCCNXM
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 expected expected v12.5.1.0 QEECNXM
Xiaomi Mi Max 3 expected expected v12.5.1.0 QEDCNXM

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