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2 TB of cloud storage for life and 85% off


If you are fed up with the monthly payments of Google Drive, you have to bet on the pCloud cloud with this family offer plan.

Forget Google Drive: 2TB of cloud storage for life and 85% off

Do you feel that the storage of Google Drive do you fall short? don’t you clarify with amazon photos? Are you tired of seeing the warning of lack of space in Google Photos? if you have answered Yes to any of these questions, you will be glad to know that there is an alternative to Google One monthly or yearly payment.

Forget about having to drag a subscription let your account bleed month by month. One of the best solutions cloud storage Its price has just plummeted on the occasion of the Christmas campaign and it also does so with a model of single paymentso you will have space online forever going through checkout just one time. And as if that were not enough, you can share it with 4 more people, that is, they can enjoy the storage up to 5 users.

Take advantage of pCloud’s Christmas sale

How could it be otherwise, we talked about pClouda company Switzerland of IT that today offers storage in the cloud safest in Europewhich is managed through a highly accessible platform that has the highest cyber protection standards.

Save more than 1,000 euros on your personal cloud: pay once and enjoy it for life

Featured PCloud

2 TB of cloud storage forever and for whatever you want

In case you are interested in owning your own parcel in the cloud, you have to know that pCloud has discounted to the minimum their family plans Limited Time. It is the best way to have a cloud shared with up to 4 additional people (can be family or friends) during lifetime. You can multiply by 500 the 15GB that Google offers you, having an online space always accessible to you or the people you choose.

On the one hand, the family plan of 2TB has been discounted to 499 euroa price drop of 70% with respect to the 1700 euros that it usually costs. On the other, we find a discount of 85% in the family plan 10TBwhich falls to 1169 euro from the official 7600 euros.

To give you an idea of ​​the savings that this entails, keep in mind that the Google One 2 TB plan reaches 100 euros per year, while the 10 TB plan starts at 50 euros a month. In other words, if you are already paying for a Google One plan, it is worth betting on pCloud since in 5 years or less you will have your payment fully amortized. From there… free cloud for the rest of your life.

It goes without saying that, as you can see in the video above, the pCloud cloud is incredibly easy to use. It works with a folder system very similar to the one we have on our PC and integrates audio and video players so that we can access all our multimedia files without eating our heads. In addition, it has a mobile app for Android and iOS with which you can access your content at the moment and in a way simple and accessiblealso doing automatic backups everything you have on your computers.

In addition, remember that everything that you or the people with whom you share your pCloud family plan upload will have the highest encryption standardsbeing stored on servers located in the European Union itself: “Swiss Level” security.

Take advantage of Cloud’s Christmas sale

More of 17 million people already use pCloud storage services, just go through the google play feedback to discover why it is one of the leading services in its sector: you will have plenty of reasons to take advantage of this Christmas offer in your family plan.

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