Home Tech 2024 will be the year of wallpapers generated by Artificial Intelligence

2024 will be the year of wallpapers generated by Artificial Intelligence

2024 will be the year of wallpapers generated by Artificial Intelligence


This new function will arrive in the fall of this year and will do so before the Google Pixel.

2024 will be the year of wallpapers generated by Artificial Intelligence
AI-generated wallpapers are coming, and Google will be the first to implement them

This 2023 is being, without a doubt, the year of artificial intelligence and more and more companies are getting on the bandwagon of the aforementioned technology. Among them we can find the great technological companies such as microsoft or googleFor example. In fact, in this post we are going to talk about those from Mountain View, which in the I/O 2023the presentation that took place in May of this year, presented several novelties that were based on AIlike everything related to google bard.

Another of those novelties was the announcement of the AI generated wallpapersa function very similar to what we can see in tools like ChatGPTfrom OpenAI, or halfway; although in this case it is dedicated to the creation of wallpaperssomething that aims to be one of the great fashions for 2024. Now, this interesting function will only be available for the latest Google Pixelalthough it is hoped that it will be implemented later on Android devices in general.

AI-generated wallpapers are a reality and aim to be one of the trends to stand out in 2024

As you well know by now, the ad in question was made at the same time that the wallpapers generated by our favorite emojis and the film backgroundsthat allow users of Google devices exclusively, at least for now, to take an existing photo and turn it into a dynamic 3D image. Now, what concerns us is the function that generates wallpapers created by artificial intelligence, a tool that It will arrive in the fall to the Google Pixeland that it will surely reach the rest of the devices that use Android (the launch of Android 14 may be an ideal time).

This long-awaited function is quite simple to use, as demonstrated in their presentation, and it only involves having to choose an art style for wallpaper and choose the theme and the indications that you want so that it is generated with the AI. Once this is done, the artificial intelligence will generate multiple images that match the user’s choice, so you only have to choose the one you like the most, either because of its choice of colors or composition, to use it as wallpaper.

However, what was not clear at the time was whether we could only use the indications that the tool offers or if we can write what we want manuallylike if we can select theme for background or not. Taking into account the growth of AI, sooner or later we will be able to create the image that we want for the background of our screens.


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