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4 keys to the Motorola Razr 2022: is it worth it?


Motorola has done a good job with the RAZR 2022. We tell you 4 keys to why we recommend it.

4 keys to the Motorola Razr 2022: is it worth it?

With the advent of foldable smartphones, manufacturers wanted to bring back to the market small size phones that at the same time could grow when they opened. The problem? The screens. Folding a screen was not an easy task (it was thought impossible years ago), until they have finally succeeded.

The last to leave was the Motorola RAZR 2022which is a very compact phone that we can carry in our pocket and, unlike the folding Folds, saving the distances, it does not become too big or thick when opened.

The question that arises is… will it be worth it? We are going to give some reasons why the Motorola terminal it may be worth it.

1. The rear screen. A hit for small tasks

Comparing the rear displays of the 2022 RAZR and the Z Flip 4we can say that the RAZR’s screen is very more exploited than that of the Z Flip 4. In it, we can answer messages, open any application and have notifications at hand.

If we want, we can also take advantage of the screen to watch a video, podcast, or even listen to music using less battery. A success in our opinion being able to use the small screen to display background content on the terminal.

Motorola RAZR 2022 rear screen video display

Viewing a video on the rear screen is a success since the terminal will spend less battery having the video in the background.

On the other hand, the only bad thing we can say about the screen is its size. being so small, It’s hard to reply to a message because the keyboard size is very small.

Answer message on Motorola RAZR 2022

Answering a message can be tedious, since the screen size is not enough

2. The internal screen is barely noticeable when open

One of the problems with folding terminals is the display of the main screen. By having the screen displayed, we can easily notice a cleft which, at first, can be annoying but we quickly get used to it.

Motorola RAZR 2022 Slit Reflex

It is difficult to appreciate the slit with the naked eye. To see it, you have to put the phone up to the light.

In the case of the RAZR 2022, they wanted to improve this system by making the indentation practically invisible. With normal use of the phone, we wouldn’t have a problem in this aspect.

3. Hardware expected for its price

The hardware in this sense is as expected (except for the cameras) on a 1200 euro phone. It has the latest processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+ accompanied by state-of-the-art RAM and state-of-the-art virtual memory.

The phone is very powerful and fluidsince its screen can reach up to 144 Hz of adaptive refresh rate, accompanied by the latest processor and a light Android layer.

The only point against it is the photographic section. The cameras They are not top-of-the-range cameras. Motorola needed to cut somewhere due to the high cost of the screens and it has been in the cameras. It has two cameras, one main and one wide angle. offer good photos up to 8K but they do not have as much detail as a top-of-the-range terminal of the latest generation.

Motorola RAZR 2022 rear cameras

The rear cameras can be improved in the RAZR 2022, it takes correct pictures but there is a lack of detail in the images

The front camera however offers good results. We can use the rear camera to take a selfie using the rear screen, but it is not necessary. With the front screen we will have more than enough in this section.

4. The autonomy is surprising for a folding phone

Autonomy is a point to take into account in this type of terminal. Normally, foldable phones They are phones that sin in terms of autonomy, since they have small batteries to have a more compact size. This point can be a problem for many users who are accustomed to accumulating many hours on the screen.

In the case of the RAZR 2022, although it is true that it has a 3500 mAh battery, we can reach the 5h of active screen with average use outdoors and indoors, which is a more than sufficient result for the type of phone it is. We may think that 3500 is a low battery capacity, but they have done a good job of software optimization and it must be said that we can use the device with the small front screen, to increase overall autonomy.

A terminal that is worth it if you are looking for a compact mobile

Motorola RAZR 2022 is a terminal that it is worth it if we want to have a compact terminal. If we can pay the 1,200 euros it costs, it is a terminal with which we are not going to have problems on a day-to-day basis and the functionality of the rear screen helps when viewing content to take a quick look.

If we are users who really like photography, not our terminal Since the cameras are the only negative point that we believe can be remarkable in this regard.

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