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5 cool armor sets for Rogue of Diablo 4

5 cool armor sets for Rogue of Diablo 4


Tuesday, June 20, 2023 at 11:04:02 PM, Indochina time.

Diablo 4’s Rogue class is a nimble class that specializes in daggers and ranged weapons. Rogues are typically nimble and specialize in both. There is a stealth style of playing like an assassin. And suitable for players who like fluency, avoiding damage and supporting many forms of play

Although these different armors are just decorations to make your character look better. But some are more intricately designed than others and will make your Rogue stand out from the crowd in multiplayer. Components in armor can be taken to a blacksmith (pickaxe icon) to change the appearance of Legendary components while retaining the stats and bonuses players desire. Let’s see which sets will there be?

1st place Runic Set

The Runic Set is the most meticulously crafted and elaborate set of armor ever worn by a Rogue. The standout feature of this costume is the sophisticated and formidable golden mask. Hides the player’s face and eyes behind them. The mask itself is gorgeous and decorated with very detailed carvings. The Runic Set also has a number of special gems embedded, such as the enchanted sapphire engraved in the central belt piece. The golden skull carved on the shoulder armor also adds to this set being the coolest and coolest Rogue armor in Diablo 4.

2nd place Primal Set

The Primal Set gives Rogues an almost supernatural and reptilian appearance. It fits perfectly with the aesthetics and atmosphere of the Diablo 4 universe. With an emerald tone similar to that of the Sovereign, the Primal is also sleek and lightweight. Although the mask looks a bit scary. It’s sure to look good on Rogues of all levels and playstyles. It’s also a great combo pairing with a set of in-game vehicles like Primal Instinct.

3rd place Sovereign Set

The Sovereign suit consists mainly of leather, such as medieval leather. with emerald or jade jewelry Make the dress look luxurious and classy The costume includes a fang mask similar to the Archon costume, but this costume does not have a hood and overall looks more green than blue. Like the Archon set, the Sovereign set also features an ornate pattern carved onto the shoe. But the real highlight is the jade-embellished shoulders and lightweight overall design. The armor of the Druid and Necromancer is also outstandingly beautiful in this set as well.

4th place: Glorious Set

Set Glorious appears to be a more advanced version of the Highland or Sand-Worn Armor Set and will make the player look like an ancient Eastern assassin. look like pharaoh Most of the costumes are blue and coated with gold metal. Although the armor does not cover the player’s arms and legs. The golden armor piece looked very strong and durable. And in classic Egyptian style, it has an almost alien-like futuristic look. Masks are also unique. The solid part of the costume is entirely made of gold and will completely cover the character’s face.

5th place: Warlord Set

Unlike other Rogue armor sets, the Warlord set will make the player look like a warrior with a contemporary twist. The meticulously crafted gold-plated armor is the most beautiful armor in the game. And the Predator-like mask gives it a formidable look. The standout feature of this armor is the shoulderplate, which has three enormous sharp claws sticking out. That almost looks like a weapon in itself. This set has a light and streamlined look. And it looks like the armor was inspired by some kind of bird.

It’s all done. Made for all 5 cool outfits of Rogue. Anyone who is a character dresser to look cool, always look good. I hope you will like it. If you don’t have any set yet, let’s try to find one.


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