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5 Very Useful Instagram Threads Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

5 Very Useful Instagram Threads Features You Probably Didn’t Know About


Although it’s just arrived, Threads already hides some useful features that are worth knowing about.

5 Very Useful Instagram Threads Features You Probably Didn't Know About
Instagram Threads is the new social network from Meta, aimed at competing with Twitter

Scam more than 100 million registered users in less than a week, Threads It has become the social network of the moment. Meta launched its new platform aimed at competing with Twitter in a somewhat accelerated manner, with the idea of ​​taking advantage of Elon Musk’s latest controversial moves with the blue bird network, and left some pending essential functions that would still take a while to arrive.

And while Threads is, in its current state, a pretty simple app On a functional level, it hides the odd trick or interesting function that improves the experience with the application. Let’s go over them all.

Quickly follow any user

Quick track in threads

Profile pictures of people you don’t follow in Threads include a “+” symbol for quick follow

Since currently Instagram Threads don’t have a chronological feedmost of the posts you see when entering the application are of people you don’t knowwhose content has been selected by the algorithm of the social network.

What not many people know is that the profile images of those people we are not following appear with a “+” symbol. By touching it, it is possible to start following that person without even having to enter his profile.

Create a thread quickly

Thread in Threads

Triple tapping the “enter” button on your keyboard will quickly create a thread in Threads

When you are writing a post in Threads and you want to create a thread with several, you only have to tap the “enter” key on the keyboard three times to jump to a new post.

Take a rest

Take a break on Threads

From the app settings, you can activate a notice that will appear from time to time when you use Threads

In the same way as Instagram, Threads It can become an addictive social network. The company knows this, and that is why it has added the option to “take a break”.

To do this, you just have to enter the application settings, and from there access the “Account” section. In the “Take a break” section you can choose if you want a notice to appear every 10, 20 or 30 minutes of app use.

Choose who can reply to your posts

Choose who can reply to a Thread

Threads allows you to choose who can reply to your threads before posting them

like Twitter, Threads also gives you the option to choose who can reply to your threads: everyone, people you follow, or people you mention.. To do this, you just have to touch the text “Anyone can reply” that appears just below the text editor of the post, and choose the appropriate option.

Share your threads on Instagram stories

Threads post on Instagram story

You can easily share your Threads posts on Instagram

The integration between Threads and Instagram is very deep. So much so that even you can login to Threads using the same account.

In addition, the company wanted to facilitate the process of share content posted to Threads on Instagrameither through the stories or in the feed.

To do it, you just have to touch the paper plane icon that appears below each post in a thread, and choose where you want to share it. The post will be shared with a design adapted to the stories or the feed, with a background that uses the iconography of Threads.

These are just some of the little-known functions in Threads that currently exist on the social network. The CEO of Instagram himself, Adam Mosseri, has revealed that the application remains in constant developmentand as the days go by, new features will be added.


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