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5 WhatsApp news from the last week that you cannot miss


WhatsApp continues to update: these are all the changes that the application will receive soon.

5 WhatsApp news from the last week that you cannot miss

As the year draws to a close, WhatsApp continues to be updated, thus paving the way for the arrival of the new features that the company prepares for next year.

Over the last few days, the most used messaging app in the world has been receiving new updates in its different available versions. And with them, they have been landing exciting features and enhancements which we will review below.

WhatsApp app icon with a news indicator.

WhatsApp keeps updating week after week to include new features.

All the changes WhatsApp is working on

Last week was not particularly good for WhatsApp. The company suffered a massive data breach which exposed the phone numbers of more than 500 million users around the world. Even so, the company did not stop its plans and continued to release updates.

  1. Polls in chats: after a few weeks of testing, the option to create polls on whatsapp is now available to everyone.
  2. Call History: the desktop version of WhatsApp now allows you to check the call history from the side taskbar.
  3. Contact cards: the beta version of WhatsApp for desktop now allows you to share contact cards with other people.
  4. audio states: One of the biggest changes to WhatsApp is now under development in the iOS version. Soon, iPhone users will be able to post voice memos as statuses.
  5. WhatsApp official chat: the version of WhatsApp for PC will include an official chat, from which to receive news, advice and other information from the company itself.
Official WhatsApp chat on Desktop

WhatsApp will have its own official chat in the version for Windows and Mac.

Some of the announced news are still under development, while others will gradually reach all users of the application. In order not to miss any changes, we recommend keep WhatsApp updated to the latest version.

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