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8 new games from these last weeks that we recommend you try


Tired of the same old games? These 8 new games for Android are worth it, give them a try!

8 new games from these last weeks that we recommend you try
Subtransit Drive is one of the new games on the Play Store that you should try

If you are, like me, one of those who usually browse the google play store from time to time to find new free games for androidyou are in the right place because today we have selected for you the best games that have come to the store Google over the last few weeks.

So, this time, we bring you 8 new games for Android that you should not ignore.

wo long: fallen dynasty

wo dynasty long fallen

The first new title on the Play Store that you should try is wo long: fallen dynasty, an entertaining adventure game in which you will get into the shoes of an anonymous militiaman who fight to survive in a dark fantasy world set in the late Han dynasty, where demons plague the three kingdoms.

Your mission in this game is defeat all the demons and soldiers that come your way using your sword and your knowledge of martial arts and overcome all the obstacles that appear to you awakening the latent power that lies within you.

Google Play Store | wo long: fallen dynasty

Demon Hunter – Kimetsu Fight

If you liked the anime Kimetsu no Yaiba, you have to try Demon Slayer – Kimetsu Fight, a fighting game inspired by the series in which you’ll be able to choose between various characters such as Tanjiro, Netzuko or Zenitsu to defeat the demons you encounter.

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu Fight en a totally free game with ads that you can download from the direct link to Google Play that we leave you below.

Google Play Store | Demon Hunter – Kimetsu Fight

sub transit unit

sub transit unit

subtransit units a train simulation game with very realistic graphics that will allow you to get into the skin of a subway driver and feel what it is like to carry one of these vehicles in your hands. In this title you will have to follow strict schedules and learn all the operating procedures that are necessary for your job.

Google Play Store | sub transit unit

Monster Survivors – PVP Game

Monster Survivors is an entertaining multiplayer fantasy game in which you will have to beat bats, skeletons, ghosts and other creatures to be the last player standing. After killing an enemy, you will collect their soul and use it to enhance and improve your skills and to get magic cards which you can then use against your enemies.

In addition, this game allows you to choose from a wide variety of characters that you can customize with unique skins and each of which has its own abilities that you can explode in battle.

Google Play Store | Monster Survivors – PVP Game

Tower Heroes: Idle Defense

Another of the new titles that we recommend you try is Tower Heroes: Idle Defense, a tower defense game in which you have to form a team of brave heroes, such as archers, wizards, swordsmen or vikings, to protect your kingdom against evil monsters.

In this game, defeat is an important part of the game, as it allows you to collect loot, get cards and upgrade your tower and your heroes to try again to defeat the enemies.

Google Play Store | Tower Heroes: Idle Defense

Merge Salieri’s Venom

If you like puzzle games you will love Salieri’s Fusion Venom, a fun game in which you have to combine different types of poison to make the magician Salieri and his disciples stronger. As you combine poisons, you can get stronger with new weapons and collect all kinds of pets.

Salieri’s Venom Fuse is a offline gamewhich means that you can play it in any place and situationeven if you don’t have an internet connection at the time.

Google Play Store | Merge Salieri’s Venom

Stickman Sniper: Weapons of the West

Immerse yourself in the world of the Wild West with Stickman Sniper, an entertaining shooting game in which you’ll get into the skin of a gunman who has to protect the Wild West from criminal gangs, roving bandits and mafia clans.

To achieve it you can get weapons like pistols, rifles or other more powerful weapons and you will have to sharpen your aim so that they do not kill you.

Google Play Store | Stickman Sniper: West Weapons



The last title on this list is Breakout, a fun game in which you’ll have to escape from the state prison, but to do so you’ll have to Overcome the road blocks and avoid the evil gangsters.

In Breakout you can collect over 25 unique characters and upgrade and change the appearance of your vehicles with the coins that you are getting.

Breakout is a free game with ads and in app purchases ranging from 1.29 euros to 64.99 euros thanks to which you will be able to advance more quickly in it.

Google Play Store | Escape

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